About Us

ASPE-ROI is dedicated to helping our customers provide real Return on Investment (ROI) through the business and marketing application of 21st century technology.

ASPE, Inc. is a national leader in providing skills-based business training solutions. Building on our proven success delivering training in the sectors of Software Development, IT tools, Healthcare, Finance and Energy, we have developed a curriculum of courses that explain new marketing and internet technologies through tried and true educational methods. You get a practical, no-nonsense learning approach with materials that provide tools and techniques you can immediately use on the job.

Theory –> Technology –> Results
We will give you the knowledge and skills to reach a new generation of consumers. You will learn business and marketing theories and how today's technology can be used to enhance your ability to meet the needs of your changing, and evolving, consumer audience.

Our Mission
ASPE's core mission is the development of hands-on, real-world courses designed to fill pressing skills gaps to make employees more effective and empowering companies to gain critical competitive advantage. Through our leading-edge, expert-led training our clients achieve swift skills development which enable them to quickly and effectively solve their problems and meet their goals.

We accomplish this by using:

  • Industry-recognized subject matter experts
  • Leading-edge technical content and products
  • State-of-the-art delivery techniques
  • Active and effective Account Management
  • Modular and multi-purpose content
  • World-class instructional design