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December 2010 archive

ASPE is hiring!

We’re Looking for a new Marketing Specialist

ASPE, Inc. is looking for the next great marketing professional to join our creative, collaborative, and passionate team. We have a strong direct mail history that is supported by a solid electronic marketing push, and we are always looking at new tools, toys, and technology. We are early-adopters at heart, who must be in the know, so we need someone to help us continue to challenge each other to integrate traditional and new media.

Send us your resume if you:

  • Are a creative thinker who loves to brainstorm new ideas and campaigns
  • Want to not only talk about new ideas, but also get your hands dirty doing the work involved to make those ideas come to life
  • Have a passion for anything and everything marketing related
  • Love to look at new technology, tools, and toys that help today’s businesses communicate with their customers and drive business no matter what the product
  • Don’t want to be a one-trick pony in the marketing-sense, and are eager to have a career and skill set where you dabble in a variety of things

We’re looking for a talented individual to help us continue to grow our marketing and drive new leads and revenue. You’ll be challenged to learn, try, know, and understand a wide array of traditional and electronic marketing channels, while being asked to track, analyze, and make business decisions based on the performance, analytics, and metrics you see.

To apply, please email your resume, cover letter, and any online persona (blog, Twitter, etc.) to More details below.

Personal requirements:

  • Marketing geek at heart – needs to try and play with the latest social media tool, enjoys analyzing and critiquing junk mail pieces and commercials. If you have found yourself at a table talking about the ins-and-outs of social media, blogging, email marketing, etc…you meet this requirement and will fit right in.
  • Excellent communicator – team player who contributes in brainstorming sessions, as well as in conversations about the latest in sports, TV, movies, food, and beer.
  • Go-getter by nature – likes to have fun in an easy-going, collaborative environment, but knows how to turn it off, dig in, and get things done when it counts. If you can appreciate, but not be distracted by how sarcasm, office pranks, water-cooler conversations, and a good laugh can break up the monotony of the day, then you could be the next member of our team.

Technical requirements:

  • Experience creating, developing, and tracking marketing campaigns
  • Experience using social media to drive personal or business goals, both is a plus
  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint…aka Microsoft Office
  • Strong writing and editing skills
  • Experience managing projects to meet deadlines and goals

Nice to haves:

  • Experience with marketing/analytics apps like AdWords & Analytics
  • Experience with email marketing tools such as Bronto, iContact, Constant Contact, etc.
  • HTML and/or CSS experience and knowledge
  • Photoshop experience
  • Understanding of the elements of SEO (must know what this stands for)
  • Non-crappy musical tastes
  • Taste buds that appreciate a good beer or margarita

To apply, please email your resume, cover letter, and any online persona (blog, Twitter, etc.) to

An Executive’s View: Geo-Targeted vs National AdWords Campaigns

My goal with this post is to help beginners see the difference between geo-targeted and national campaigns in Google AdWords.  I also want to give you some ideas on how to increase you ROI and protect yourself from waste.

If you are experienced using Adwords you will understand the direction of this blog post, but for those that are not, I will take a couple of sentences to initially explain the difference. Google’s pay-per-click (PPC) system AdWords allows you to segment the audience who views your ad in a number of ways. One such way is to set a geographic filter on those you want to view your ads. These geo-targeted ads (geographic location based advertisements) are based on the origination of the IP address of the viewer. It is a pretty powerful filtering tool, but it adds another level of debate about how best to utilize your PPC budget. (more…)

An Executives View: Google Certification

When I first heard that Google was offering certification on its marketing tools I was very excited.  I have been in the business-to-business, for-profit training world for 16 years now, so I know the value certification can bring.  When I hear certification, I think qualified professional.  If Google has developed a program to offer the business community qualified professionals on their AdWords and Analytics products this would be a significant step.  It would be a significant step because for most enterprise, non-agency, organizations Google PPC and Analytics are like voodoo, much like networking computers was in the 1990s to IT professionals.  When something is like voodoo that means fear, uncertainty and doubt reign supreme. A good certification acts like cleanser to that fear, uncertainty and doubt.


A Letter to the Class of 2011

Dear Marketing & Business Graduates of 2011,

I had the honor of attending (well crashing) a local university’s AMA chapter ‘Meet the Pros’ event earlier this week, and got to speak directly with a few of you. I’ll be honest and admit that I am a horrible networker and desperately need to improve, so my ‘attendance’ was for somewhat selfish reasons. My goal was to casually force myself to network, and, if I was lucky, find a potential intern for the upcoming year. I was presently surprised.

What I found most interesting in speaking with you all was the sparkle in your eyes when we started discussing details about today’s marketing technology. Your desire to learn and prepare for the ‘real world’ is undoubtedly genuine. I enjoyed watching several of you have those ‘A-ha’ moments when discussing what I, as an employer, am looking for and what will help you stand out in the sea of resumes come May.

So, to be fair, I’m writing to share that same advice with all of you future graduates that I did not have the privilege to speak with.

In short and to put it in words I hope you can relate to….’Companies only want employees with great skills’ [think Napoleon Dynamite].

If you consider that you are all essentially getting the same education, what are you doing to make yourself a better candidate than the person who sat next to you in your 400-Level Marketing Strategy class?

Yes, internships are invaluable, but come May I’m not going to know whether your internship truly challenged you and made you a better marketer, or if you were put in a back room to do filing and payroll tasks.

What I want to see are knowledge and skills with the tools of today’s marketer. It’s great that you know what Twitter is and list it on your resume, but be able to talk to me about how you’ve used it and the tools you’ve used. You may not have used it for business, but that’s a great conversation piece for you to engage me with in the interview.

But my number one piece of advice for you is to go try things yourself. Go get ‘great skills’ on your own.

Build a website. With tools today like WordPress, you can put one up over the weekend without having to know a single line of code. Install Google Analytics (its free & easy) and try to drive some traffic to it. I don’t care if you make money or if it is just your resume on the web; just be able to talk about your experience and show that you have some familiarity with those tools.

Go watch the free tutorials on Google Analytics and AdWords. There is tons of reading, but the short videos showing what things are and how things work will put you head and shoulder above the rest of classmates.

But that’s just the beginning. There is a wealth of free knowledge online that can take your classroom education to the next level. I promise you that with these types of things on your resume and being able to intelligently talk about those tools, you’re ‘great skills’ will undoubtedly stand out come May.

Thanks for letting me network, and if you mention this post in an interview with me, I guarantee you a second interview.