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June 2011 archive

Web Seminar Recap: Social Media SEO

On Wednesday June 12, 2011, J.T. Moore, ASPE, Inc. Director of Marketing, and Jeremy Smith, ASPE, Inc. Instructor, held a web seminar about Social Media SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  They reviewed SEO’s importance and content principles as well as the science behind proper SEO.  J.T. and Jeremy explained SEO in reference to social media including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.  Overall, attendees learned important techniques to improve their marketing through social media search engine optimization. Listen to the recording of this web seminar in its entirety by clicking View Event Recordings (at the top right).

Web Seminar Recap: Google Certified Advertising Professional…The Google AdWords Certification Explained

On Wednesday June 15, 2011, J.T. Moore, ASPE, Inc. Director of Marketing and Google Certified Advertising Professional, held a web seminar about AdWords Certification.  With more and more businesses focusing resources on search marketing, and more and more marketing dollars being put into online advertising, he explained that knowing how to get the most of those online campaigns is a vital skill to have.  J.T reviewed the requirements to become a Google Certified Individual/ Company, the Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam, The Google Advanced Exam, and tips and tricks to passing the exams.  Listen to the recording of this web seminar in its entirety by clicking View Event Recordings (at the top right).

The ASPE Family

One of the objectives here at ASPE is to model our office around building a lasting, high-quality, fun company. The environment of your workplace and the culture you create makes a big difference in the quality of your product. When morale is high, people are more likely to take pride in their company and in their work.

One of the ways we promote team building and encourage our employees to let loose and have fun together is through company outings. We try to plan at least one company outing a month. They are completely voluntary, but help us nurture a feeling of family, both in and out of the office. (more…)

AdWords Killing Custom Shape Targeting

On May 24th, the Google AdWords team announced on the Inside AdWords blog that they would be killing one of my favorite features, Custom Shape Targeting . Their post states:

Sunset of custom shapes (multi-point or polygon targets): You’ll no longer be able to add multi-point targets in AdWords. You’ll still be able to view and delete existing shapes in your current campaigns, and we’ll continue to use them until the end of 2011. After that, all polygon targets that are still present in your AdWords campaigns will be migrated to available locations such as a nearby city or a map point with a radius. We encourage you to replace your polygon targets with these alternatives or we’ll migrate them automatically at end of 2011.

If you aren’t familiar with the Custom Shape Targeting feature, it allows you to draw a shape around any geographic region of your choice and only show your ads inside that shape. It allows you total control, and it gives you the freedom to get creative with your targeting. You are not bound by state lines, country borders, what Google has set as the metropolitan area of a city, or by the radius around a specific location. In the future you will be able to mix-and-match these targeting options in order to create somewhat unique regions to target, but you will definitely not be able to target the region as specific as you can now, resulting in waste and unwanted impressions.


Web Seminar Recap: Local Search: Creating a Local Presence Online

Many consumers today know what they are looking for but don’t know where to go to find it.  Some of the most eligible visits to numerous organizations’ sites, those that are hyper-local and purchase-oriented, often slide under the radar because those organizations are entirely focused on marketing at a national and global level.  Where does your company’s online strategy stand?  On Thursday, June 2nd, Josh McCoy presented the free web seminar “Local Search: Creating a Local Presence Online.”  In this web seminar, Josh discussed SEO techniques for devoting a presence on your site for your locations, creating accurate online listening profiles across search engines and other online properties, building relevance between your site and local online profiles, integrating local-social elements into your site as well as local listings, and sponsored local search offerings from search engines and how to use them.  Listen to the recording of this web seminar in it’s entirety by clicking View Event Recordings (at the top right).  Learn about how search engines are now offering several localized features for sites to help bridge the gap between your site and your brick and mortar locations.

Do you have more questions for Josh? Leave your comments or tweet us!  Follow @ASPE_ROI on Twitter and use hashtag #ASPEEVENTS.