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August 2011 archive

Marketing Roundtable: QR Codes

While Greg Ng (@gregoryng) and Dan London (@danlondon) were here in the office, we shot a second video about QR codes. I’m a huge advocate for integrating QR codes into your marketing campaigns, and our discussion explains why. Beyond that, we spent a good amount of time talking about the challenges associated with QR codes. Enjoy!


Marketing Roundtable: Google+

In addition to the New School vs. Old School Marketing Ideology video series, we also rolled out a Marketing Roundtable series. In this video series, JT Moore (@j_t_moore) will be joined by several influential marketing professional to discuss specific topics. Seeing as how Google+ is the latest marketing technology raising a lot of discussion, we figured it would be the perfect place to start. We ran a little long on time, so we split the session into 2 parts. Enjoy!



New School vs. Old School Marketing Ideology – You Make the Call: Personal Branding

Welcome to the first video in our latest series, “New School vs. Old School Marketing Ideology – You Make the Call.” Throughout this series, David Mantica (@davidmantica) will be taking a traditional, old school marketing position around a specific topic, while JT Moore (@j_t_moore) takes a counter, new school marketing position.

First up in our series is Personal Branding. Enjoy!

Eight, Eight, Eight!

For the month of August only, ASPE is offering the deal of the year.  Our onsite services practice is highly received and increasingly requested, and we wanted to make this service even more attainable to you this month. From now until the end of August, when you book an onsite service for at least 8 people, we’ll give you an additional 8 seats for free!

ASPE onsite services ensures that the course delivered to your team is the course you need. Whether it’s standard tailoring of materials or customization of labs, we guarantee that your specific challenges will beaddressed. Target areas in which your team needs strengthening and/or focus on areas in which you’re developing a competitive advantage to outpace the competition and do it all with the confidence that you be working in full confidentiality  on the areas of immediate concern. (more…)

Web Seminar Recap: Integrating QR Codes Into Your Marketing Campaigns

Lately, Quick Response codes, better known as QR codes, have been seen everywhere. Just look around and you will notice these barcodes on everything from business cards to magazines to buses.  These QR Codes allow consumers to use their smart phones and immediately access the content on the QR code. On Wednesday, August 10, 2011, ASPE Director of Marketing J.T. Moore and Marketing Specialist Katie Cothran held a web seminar about QR codes.  They reviewed the growing importance of QR codes and how they work.  J.T. and Katie explained QR codes in reference to marketing campaigns and improving the interaction between companies and consumers.  Overall, attendees learned how a QR code works, how to create a QR code, how to use QR codes in marketing campaigns, and the benefits behind QR codes. Listen to the recording of this web seminar in its entirety by clicking View Event Recordings (at the top right).

Do you have more questions for J.T. or Katie? Leave your comments or tweet us! Follow @ASPE_ROI on Twitter and use hashtag #ASPEEVENTS.

Web Seminar Recap: Everything I Know About Marketing I Learned from Viral Videos

Today, many companies and organizations are beginning to realize the potential value of integrating online video within their marketing strategies; and everyone with access to the Internet has viewed at least one or more of those infamously viral videos.  The problem is that while many people struggle to implement marketing campaigns that are solely based upon word-of-mouth, most fail to realize that it’s the simple principles that all viral videos follow to get people to search, click, watch, and share.  On Thursday, August 4th, Arik Abel and JT Moore, our Director of Marketing here at ASPE, presented the free web seminar “Everything I Know About Marketing I Learned from Viral Videos.”  In this web seminar, Arik discussed recent examples of successful marketing campaigns and the viral videos that inspired them, such as Old Spice’s “Man Your Man Should Smell Like / Old Spice Guy,” Levi’s “Walk Across America,” T-Mobile’s flash mobs, and more. Listen to the recording of this web seminar in it’s entirety by clicking View Event Recordings (at the top right).  Get an in-depth look at the principles that drive word-of-mouth marketing and create viral potential.  In just one hour, you’ll go from thinking like the average marketer to thinking virally, and getting more out of all of your marketing communications – online or off.

For more information and resources, check out  Arik’s blog post Going Viral.

Do you have more questions for Arik? Leave your comments or tweet us! Follow @ASPE_ROI on Twitter and use hashtag #ASPEEVENTS.