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November 2012 archive

Web Seminar Recap: Intrapreneurship – The Key to Capturing Value out of Major Disruptions for Companies (Large and Small)

On November 27th, Brad Lienhart and Scott Baker, and Fred Hathaway presented this web seminar to provide a detailed look at Intrapreneurship.  Basically smart organizations will seek out individuals who like to invent, innovate and want to be on the front lines of changes. These individuals will work just like entrepreneurs but will work within the structure of a company, and they are Intrapreneurs. An intrapreneur is someone who has an entrepreneurial streak in his or her DNA but choose to align his or her talents with an organization in place of creating his or her own. These professionals are critical to the success of organizations as corporations have to continuously deal with the speed of disruption and disruptive technologies.

Learn what skills and talents are required to be a successful intrapreneur, understand the techniques an intraprenuer can use to distill ideas and focus their efforts and learn how intraprenuers must maneuver to successfully incorporate the right idea into their organization.

You can listen to a complete recording of this presentation at Select “View Event Recordings” in the top right corner.  You can also download the slides from this presentation by visiting our Web Seminar Archives.

What Social Media Managers Really Do and Why They’re Necessary

When approaching social media, more and more companies are realizing they need someone, if not multiple people, to manage their presence full time. With the results, successes and detriments we have seen in the past few years on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and more, it’s no wonder it’s a full-time job. A couple weeks ago at the Internet Summit in Raleigh, NC, I had someone ask me:  “Well, what would a social media or community manager do for my company? Why do I even need a position like that?”

Personally, I’m biased because I see success stories every day – sales, new followers, engagement, conversations – and I constantly interact with social media and online marketing professionals. But I wanted to show some other people that just like any business person, social media professionals have goals and benchmarks they set and achieve. I asked a friend, Rebecca Harrelson, to write a guest post about her experience with two major brands she has worked for, Beachbody and the NBA, and their evolution in social media.

When obtaining my master’s degree in sports business, marketing, and media at New York University, social media had not taken off to the degree it has now.  It wasn’t even discussed as a possible outlet for customer service, connection, or any other use for marketing sports teams or business entities.  However, upon graduation I worked for the National Basketball Association (NBA) and about a year later, social media was all the rage.  As a member of the Global Merchandising Group (GMG), who oversaw both the brick and mortar NBA Store on 5th Avenue in New York as well as, we needed to connect to our customers and tell of special promotions, sales, launches and other product-based information.  The only way our customers knew of these product-based call outs was if they visited our website randomly, or searched through layers and layers of information for the brick and mortar store. Neither of these allowed us to connect to our customers the way we felt we should. (more…)

Think you don’t need a social media policy? Think again…

by Shelli Dallacqua

Meet Lindsey Stone. She is an employee at Living Independently Forever, Inc. (LIFE), and while on a work-paid trip to Arlington National Cemetery in October 2012, Ms. Stone had a co-worker, Jamie Schuh, take this picture of her disrespecting the Tomb of the Unknowns  and posted it to her personal Facebook page.

Edited version of the controversial Lindsey Stone Facebook photo. Ms. Stone is extending her middle finger in the original photo.


This picture has gone viral and the ramifications are staggering. There is now a petition calling for her resignation that is being passed around the world on as well as a Facebook page titled, Fire Lindsey Stone that has close to 7,000 followers and is growing daily. The Huffington Post just released an article about the photo as well. The backlash for her employer has forced them to post this disclaimer on their own Facebook page: (more…)

Will I get Fired If I Complain About My Boss on Facebook?

Oklahoma - Walmart Case

Last year, a customer service manager at an Oklahoma Walmart® posted this on his Facebook® page: “Wuck Falmart! I swear if this tyranny doesn’t end in this store they are about to get a wakeup call because lots are about to quit!”

The employee then commented again on Facebook slandering one of his managers. A few days later, the employee was fired; he sued, claiming Walmart could not fire him because he was engaging in “concerted activity.”

Several other co-workers also commented on his post, but not in a negative way. Their comments were for the employee to “hang in there” and general concerns of feeling sorry for him. Walmart contended that the employee’s postings were not “concerted activity” and the judge agreed.

Outcome: The National Labor Relations Board dismissed the employee’s claim, saying that his comment and subsequent comments from co-workers were “mere griping” from an individual and did not represent the type of “concerted activity” protected by law.

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The Power of Social Media – Caine’s Arcade

In the upcoming weeks people will be rushing around, frazzled to cook the perfect meal, panicked to find the right gifts, and stressed about being a good host. I ask all of you to take 10 minutes to watch this video about Caine’s Arcade.

First of all, I applaud Caine for being creative and literally thinking outside and inside the box. Not only did he create something he was proud of during his summer break from school, but not once did you see him on a cell phone, iPad, Nintendo 3DS or anything of the like. While many kids can’t tear themselves away from the latest gadgets, Caine used his hands and mind to build something. (more…)

Second iPad Winner Chosen! One More Chance to Win!

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PPC Cheat Sheet: 5 Weekly PPC “Must-Dos”

1. Review and Pause Ads 

Make sure to have at least two Ad Copy versions running in each Ad Group at all times. Look at Ad Versions to determine which ads are generating the best Conversion Rates, Cost Per Conversion, and highest Clickthrough Rate (CTR).

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Create New Ads

Create new ads on a weekly basis. Try different headlines, body text, word order, punctuation, etc. Use this opportunity to test offers as well. Sometimes small changes can have a surprising impact. (more…)

Email Marketing Tips & Tricks

Strategic Link Placement

If your only call-to-action is at the end of your text, you might not get results. Most readers won’t scroll all the way to the bottom of the page. Don’t make it more difficult for people who are ready to buy your product. Place your call-to-action and links to landing pages in prominent locations and in large font.

Use One Call-to-Action Button

The more choices we give people, the higher the possibility of losing them because they don’t want to read a lot of text. Open with a compelling statement (or hard offer), followed by two to three bullet points, then an action button at the bottom.


Web Seminar Recap – What’s New: November Social Media Updates

The social media landscape changes with a blink of an eye. Just when we think Twitter and Facebook are the social media networks that we need to focus on, networks like Google Plus and Pinterest pop up and grab everyone’s attention. On Wednesday, November 7, 2012 Jon Parks presented the free web seminar “What’s New Web Seminar Series: November Social Media Updates.” This web seminar covered all of the latest trends and updates in social media.

We broke down the strengths and strategies of specific networks like Facebook and Twitter and how recent updates can affect your overall marketing strategies and implementations. We talked about the new networks coming out, the ones to watch for and the ones to be careful of.

Some specific areas that we covered include:
• The latest updates to Facebook & Twitter
• What’s new with Google Plus
• How Pinterest can be part of your marketing arsenal
• The latest changes in YouTube and how it affects your search marketing plans
• And more…

Listen to a recording of this web seminar in its entirety by clicking View Event Recordings (at the top right).

Two ASPE-ROI Instructors to Speak at Internet Summit 2012

The annual Internet Summit begins today in Raleigh, NC, and two ASPE-ROI instructors are speaking. SEO thought leader Mike Marshall (@mikemarshall) and online marketing expert Rob Sanders (@rso_consulting) will both speak Tuesday morning during the Pre-conference Intensive Workshops at the Raleigh Convention Center. Both will be speaking in sessions about advanced SEO and search.

Rob Sanders, speaking at 8 a.m., will talk about Search Considerations for Mobile. Rob is currently the course director and an instructor for ASPE-ROI’s Mastering Google Analytics course. As founder of RSO Consulting, Rob provides expertise in search engine optimization, pay per click management, social media optimization and web analytics. He has more than 15 years of experience providing creative and technical solutions to a variety of verticals.

Rob earned an MBA from the University of San Francisco and authored the book “42 Rules for Applying Google Analytics.” His primary residence is in San Francisco, CA, but also has a home in Murcia, Spain. He is currently president of the Ama Foundation, a non-profit that supports underprivileged children in Nepal.

Mike Marshall, speaking directly after Rob at 9 a.m., will talk about Understanding Google’s Search Algorithm. Mike is currently the course director and an instructor for ASPE-ROI’s Search Engine Optimization Boot Camp. He is also a search engine technologies instructor for the U.S. Patent Office and has had clients such as AOL, Allstate, IBM, Sony, WebMD and many more.

With more than 20 years of experience in information technology, Mike has insight and advice in advanced SEO techniques – even the experts learn from him. He holds degrees in linguistics, philosophy and theology from University of Maryland College Park, University of Virginia and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. He has also authored for and provided commentary for,, Web Pro News, Website Magazine, PR Week and much more.

If you are attending the Internet Summit, stop by the ASPE-ROI booth located on the upper level between Ballroom 2 and Ballroom 3 or tweet us at @ASPE_ROI. We have a surprise give away that you’ll want to check out!