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What is the training experience for the ASPE-ROI Executive Certificate in Internet Marketing like?

One Customer’s Review: Part 2

Last week we shared why Brett DeLaria, web coordinator for the John Cook School of Business at Saint Louis University, completed the ASPE-ROI Executive Certificate in Internet Marketing and what he thought of the operational process. This week we’re going share his thoughts about each class and instructor.

Could you briefly describe the individual classes – what you learned, what you found most valuable, what you immediately implemented after each class, and any other general comments? Please also describe what you thought about the instructor for each class.

Google Online Marketing Boot Camp with instructor Jon Parks

From this class I gained a better understanding of how Google is shaping the marketing business from SEO to AdWords to social media. The most valuable part of the experience was our instructor, Jon Parks. With his great insight and knowledge he really helped bring the class up-to-speed on what Google is doing and how they’re changing the web game. After class I utilized the skills I learned by closely work with the vendor we use to examine our paid searches and make recommendations about the paid advertising to better optimize our return on investment. I came with new insight and knowledge to really be able to have an in-depth look with them in the same knowledge and skill level to better our ads for the school. (more…)

Leadership is Always Ongoing: A Personal Journey

Life is a journey. I believe that wherever we are on our journey, we can always push ourselves to grow, learn and take ourselves – and others – higher.  Not only is knowledge part of my educational journey, but lifelong learning and teaching others is a passion.  My journey has also been one of constant change. As such, I am always adapting, learning, doing things differently and excited about new adventures. I take risks. I solve problems creatively. I simultaneously think strategically and tactically.  I generate ideas. I embrace collaboration, diversification and innovation. I am in my element, according to best-selling author Sir Ken Robinson, because I am blessed to do something for which I have a natural talent.

Life today is also one speed – FAST! New technologies have forever – and will continue to – change the business landscape. We are living in times of a revolution. Technologies are elevating the game. They are transforming work, culture and life.  (more…)

Value-Added Selling Part 3

Relationship Selling

In my previous post I discussed selling your company in part two of this five part series on value-added selling. In this post I’ll discuss the importance of building a relationship with your customer by becoming a trusted partner that can help solve their problems.

Today customers are more sophisticated and knowledgeable. They are more skeptical and resistant to spend their hard-earned money. So they do research on what’s available, who the competitors are, the market, pricing options, and anything that will help them make a more informed decision. And sometimes they may know more about your company, your products, your competitors and your market than you do. How? Simple. A little thing called the internet has put a wealth of knowledge into the hands of consumers and businesses. So you have to make sure you know what they know, and even more. (more…)

What is the training experience for the ASPE-ROI Executive Certificate in Internet Marketing like?

One Customer’s Review: Part 1

Recently Brett DeLaria, web coordinator for the John Cook School of Business at Saint Louis University, completed the ASPE-ROI Executive Certificate in Internet Marketing. With full disclosure in mind, the certificate program is endorsed and accredited by Saint Louis University, but Brett hadn’t actually heard of the program until he received a brochure in the mail from ASPE-ROI. Because we had a relationship with the school, and knew how helpful they are, we asked Brett to keep a few notes about his experience and to share his thoughts with us about the entire program. He had so much to say (thanks Brett!) that we’ve decided to break his answers up into a three-post blog series.

This first Q&A post covers what he had to say about why he decided to earn his Executive Certificate in Internet Marketing,  how he found working with the ASPE staff, and the difference between our in-person and virtual training classrooms.

How did you originally hear about the certificate program (I’m told it wasn’t through your employer)? (more…)

Value-Added Selling Part 2

Selling Your Company

In my last post I introduced part one of this five part series on value-added selling where I discussed adding value by first establishing your credibility. In this post, I’ll discuss the next step, which is when and how to “sell your company” to your prospect.

The Elevator Pitch

The first thing you need to do is develop a “sell the company” statement, which helps position your company. This statement is typically referred to as an “elevator pitch” because it should be short enough to tell someone exactly what you do in the time it takes them to get on and off an elevator. Here’s the drill – You’re in an elevator and someone enters with you. They say, “Hi. What do you do?” You have about 4 floors to get them to understand what you do before they walk out. Can you do it? Possibly not. (more…)

Legal Issue – YouTube Solving Court Cases

Digital evidence is quickly becoming a good friend to authorities. From using bystanders’ footage for tracking criminals to vigilante journalism, YouTube is proving it’s more than just one of the most popular websites in the world – it can also be a detective’s primary evidence source. Here are two interesting cases in which digital evidence is the primary factor:

United States v. Jeffries
After an unfavorable ruling in a custody suit, Franklin Jeffries wrote, recorded and posted a song on YouTube in which he made threats to kill the judge who made the ruling. Jeffries was soon after charged and convicted for violating a federal law that prohibits transmitting or communicating threats to injure another. He was sentenced to 18 months in jail, and appealed the decision based on the argument that Jeffries was venting his opinions, and meant no harm. In March, the Sixth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals upheld the conviction saying that the video was enough evidence of threat and intent.

Newark Intimidation Beating
In February, a video featuring a young man being stripped and beaten with a belt in Newark, NJ, was posted on YouTube and received 40,000 views before it was removed. Newark officials condemned the video and vowed to find the attackers. Three suspects were identified by the video and charged with aggravated assault, conspiracy and robbery. The suspects are awaiting trial.


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Agile Marketing Results

by Katie Cothran, ROI Product Manager – ASPE, Inc.

Mindjet’s Experience and Advice About Agile Marketing

There has been a lot of talk about agility in marketing, getting projects done quickly and efficiently. The hot topic is “agile marketing“ but there’s not much about how a team that really practices Agile Marketing functions. Yes, all marketers can, or rather should, say they adapt to change quickly, and they can react to market changes rapidly, but many times it’s frantic, reactionary and final products go unmeasured.

So how can you truly become an Agile Marketer? I had a great conversation with Ian Jackson, product marketing programs manager at Mindjet, about just that. Mindjet adapted Agile for launching products into the market. They took the pieces of Agile used in software development that suited projects they were working on and applied it to marketing by dividing resources, creating reasonable timelines and changing HOW people work.

Below are questions I asked, and Ian’s responses about Agile Marketing.

Can you tell us a little bit about your background and your current role?

I’m a marketer first with a background in direct marketing and lead generation. I was hired at Mindjet to coordinate product launches between marketing and products. My role has evolved to incorporate the Agile process and how it can be applied to marketing. (more…)

Top 10 SEO Pick Up Lines

Internet marketers, we have 10 great SEO pickup lines for you to try on that special someone.

Please Note: We take no responsibility for the outcome

10. Hi… I wish I could find the words to describe your beauty, but every time I open my mouth it’s keyword (not provided) that comes out


9. Hey there…you know, you have definitely exceeded the maximum keyword density for beautiful


8. Hey there good lookin – you will always be a 301 redirect to my 404


7. I love you more than links from Google itself


6. An SEO specialist approaches a group of women at a conference and says, “What’s SERP ladies?”


5. If I were Google, I would totally rank you number 1 for “hottie” (more…)

Are You Ready for July 22, 2013 (Hint: Google Enhanced Campaigns)

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Google AdWords Changes to Enhanced Campaigns on July 22, 2013

A few weeks ago we discussed Google AdWords Enhanced campaigns and how they differed from your current (Legacy) campaigns.  With Google Enhanced, campaigns no longer have the ability to be categorized under “mobile-only.” In fact, mobile-only campaigns will cease to exist, and Google Enhanced is instead streamlining campaigns across all platforms – mobile (smartphones), tablets and desktops.

How will this affect the performance and reach of your AdWords campaigns? It will take some testing and analyzing to be sure.

Get Creative with Bid Modifiers (more…)