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28 Days to Better Landing Pages – Day #10: Your Call To Action Scent Trail

TIP:  Make sure that you keep your key terms (targeted keywords) strong and present throughout your funnel when leading to your conversion.

How strong is your CTA scent trail? Your key terms through the funnel should match.  Often times we see keywords disappearing from our scent trail which ultimately ends up confusing the user (unknowingly).  After setting up a campaign, make sure you analyze your keywords and determine your keyword relevance throughout each step.

For example.  If your keywords are internet marketing class or social media marketing class or even conversion optimization class, make sure that these terms appear in your ad title, your ad copy, and your supporting value proposition on a landing page or subsequent landing pages.  Even though web design and/or web development may be in a near field, using these types of terms would decrease relevance for your user base, therefore ultimately reducing your conversion rates.

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