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28 Days to Better Landing Pages – Day #11: Test Your Page Without Header Links

TIP: Try testing your landing pages without links in the header.  Completely remove them from the header and test test test!

We have always been told that we want to keep the header information in our site the same on every page so that the user is always in control of where they want to go next and no confusion is introduced in this process. While this is an acceptable user experience on many websites, on landing pages we like to change things up a bit.

With landing pages we want the user to only focus on the main call to action.  Whether the conversion is a phone call, form submission, download, etc  we don’t want to distract the user from performing the desired outcome. Taking away the links in the navigation allow the user to focus on that conversion.  Try to do a split test and find out whether or not including links in the header deter from the main conversion factor.  More often than not, you will find that removing the links will allow the user to focus on the conversion versus thinking about where to go next.

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