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28 Days to Better Landing Pages – Day #16: Repeating your CTA On Long Form Landing Pages

TIP:  If you are using one of those extra long landing pages that we all have seen (which are magical in conversions), make sure you use your call to action repeatedly.

Yes, we have all seen them – those ugly, dreaded, long, 1 page web infomercials (that’s what I like to call them).  A never ending mess of big red arrows, clip art graphics, and fonts so big that your grandmother wouldn’t have any problemsreading it. However, what you don’t know is that these recipes for design diaster are golden eggs in the conversion world.  Even conversion optimization specialists shake their head at the design of these pages.  At the same time, most agree that the elements of these pages are key in conversion.  They posses the ultimate psychological benefits and behaviors that go hand in hand with creating emotion, showing value and reducing friction with  the long copy sales models.  3 things that these all have in common (that you need to remember when implementing your long form landing page):

1.  Repeated core messages and calls to action at comfortable intervals – People may be 2/3rds of the way through the page before they actually start to believe what you are saying.  It’s true, we have to see it over and over again before we think it’s true.  Honestly, isn’t everything on the internet true?  :)  Also, if there is a button near by when the person finally feels ready to buy, it makes it that much easier for the user.

2.  Testimonials – after introducing new features on a page, make sure you back them up with a few different testimonials.  Multiple testimonials on a page help reinforce trust in a product or service.

3.  Pictures and Videos – Make sure that even though long copy stimulates emotion, that you also include pictures of people and even video if possible.  This will significantly increase the interaction of the user, and therefore, continue to establish trust.

At the end of the day, remember we buy from people we like, trust, and know.  The more copy you can create to establish trust and the more pictures and videos you can show to get them to like and know you, the better chance you will have at converting the user.

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