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28 Days to Better Landing Pages – Day #18: Avoid Using Underscores In Your Copy

TIP: Try to avoid using underlines or underscores in any of the copy on your landing pages.

One of the things we have stressed over and over during these 28 days to better landing pages is the reduction of friction and anxiety towards the user while they are navigating their way to your call to action.

Underlines and/or underscores in copy on a landing page distract the users attention and create yet another level of decision in the funnel to conversion.  Unless your conversion is to actually make a user click on a link, avoid them at all costs.

Remember eye path and how users “scan” a page when trying to determine the next step in solving a problem to an emotional need or want.  Using links, underlines and underscores often just gets in the way of that user and the ultimate conversion we desire.

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