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28 Days to Better Landing Pages – Day #19: Remember The Whitespace

TIP:  Using whitespace properly on a landing page is key to trust elements and ease of navigation when a user scans the page.

All users are in a hurry on a website, even though some of us have more patience than others in real-life.  Many studies show that users will scan a page, looking for bullet points and bolded headlines to match search queries. That is where the whitespace comes in.  When whitespace is used correctly, it allows for your users to scan the pages quickly and provides a much better user experience.  Do not feel as though you have to clutter every inch with unnecessary design elements and/or text relevant or irrelevant to the users end goal.

When creating copy on a page, intend for the first paragraph to have 1 to 2 sentences followed by bullet points after.  Make sure that the first two sentences are relevant to the title and keyword search that was performed prior to the click.  Also remember to use the right amount of whitespace in your design and then test away.

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