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28 Days to Better Landing Pages – Day #20: Use Arial or Verdana Fonts, 10 to 14 size

TIP:  Make sure you use standard web fonts in your landing page design. Good suggestions are Arial or Verdana sizes 10 to 14.

Landing page after landing page I notice non-standard fonts that are often SIFR’d fonts because a designer thought they were “cool” or “neat.”  Get rid of them.  Some browsers don’t like them, and load times suffer.  Some users have JavaScript turned off so they won’t even see the font.  Imagine going to a landing page and the call to action click or submit fields are in fonts that can not be read by the browser, so you have no idea what to do.  Talk about losing conversions.

In this scenario, lets all just keep it simple.  Use fonts that are standard to web and all machines, and you won’t have to worry about certain users not being able to see them.  Also, it cuts down on development time and support throughout the life of a given landing page.  Certain titles on pages may require font size to be bigger versus smaller. Play with that a bit (another element you can test).  Even though it’s big and ugly, it may very well convert better.

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