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28 Days to Better Landing Pages – Day #21: Matched Search Queries

TIP: View Matched Search Quieres in Google Analytics to see actual search queries for Adwords terms. Use those to optimize campaigns for long tail keywords.

When buying Adwords, we buy 3 types of keywords:  broad, phrase, and exact.  The net of what this means is that the keyword phrase you purchased may not align exactly with what the searcher typed into the search box. The data you see in the dashboards for Google Analytics and Adwords Analytics is a representation of averages, not exacts, of the search queries matched against each bid keyword.

In order to see exact numbers and understand what is converting and what is not, we want to add a specific report. Go into Traffic Sources Report > Adwords > Keywords.   After you see the report, add a second dimension by clicking the dropdown next to the AdWords Keyword Column. Pick “Matched Search Query.” The new data will give you great insights into how to better manage your keywords and what is working specifically on the landing pages they are coming from.

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