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28 Days to Better Landing Pages – Day #24: Create Scannable Content On Your Landing Page

TIP: People don’t read landing pages, they scan them.  Make sure that the first two sentences are short, straight to the point and without extra fluff.  Also, use bullet points to highlight features and benefits of the product or service.

One study found that only 16% of people read word for word when they are online and another found that the average person only comprehends about 60% of what they read.

  • Lists – Consider using lists for product features, whether they are radial check boxes, bullet points, arrows, etc. Be short, sweet and to the point with every line.
  • Formatting – Try using bold, increasing fonts, capitalizing the first words of URL’s or brand names.
  • Pictures –  Use images wisely.  They are the number 1 thing that draws the attention of the user, inversely they can also be the number 1 distraction.
  • Space – don’t feel you have to fill up every inch of your screen – rather create spaces because they help to keep readers from feeling overwhelmed and again tend to draw readers eyes to what is inside such space.

Be sure your copy sells your offer when someone scans just the first three words of each bullet or paragraph.  You may also consider using interactive elements like video or audio clips for users.  This engages users who want more information about the product or service without making the page look overwhelming.

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