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28 Days to Better Landing Pages – Day #26: Privacy Policy As A Pop-Up

TIP:  Try your privacy policy as a pop up box using lightbox instead of having it open a separate page.

Typically we have the privacy policy in the footer which can, and will, lead to lower conversions.  It makes people fear that their information could be sold to a third party.  Once a user identifies a link in the footer as the privacy policy, it may introduce friction and curiosity and lead to that user clicking on the privacy policy to make sure their information will be kept secure.

In the actual form box or somewhere relevant to payment information, trying using a lightbox javascript plugin that creates a pop-up of the privacy policy in a box on the screen so as to not make the user go to another page.  This will help the user decide whether or not to continue as well as keep them focused on the conversion task at hand.

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