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28 Days to Better Landing Pages – Day #28: Remove Rotating Banners and Replace With Static Images

TIP:  Remove those rotating banners you have on your front page (or in your header on every page) and replace them with static images and value ad copy.

Many times we see those rotating banners, whether pictures or videos, in the header of a web page.  Also, weoften see that anything after the first banner, is usually not clicked.  That’s because it is not an intuitive user process to click on the arrows.

Instead of using multiple banner ads on one page, try using just one ad (image to the left) and give the proper ad copy creating value and trust to the right with the call to action button below.  After creating one, try split testing all 4 (by using google website optmizer) and test which one performs the best.   You will find many times that testing these 4 elements for conversion will give you a great idea which ad copy is doing the best job, and then you can tailor the rest of the images and ad copy after you find your control.

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