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28 Days to Better Landing Pages – Day #8: Button Copy

TIP:  When creating your buttons (BOB), make sure your initial click-through button on your landing page uses the least amount of commitment when a user is deciding to click.

Typically when we run our PPC campaigns and drive traffic to a specific landing page, we introduce a lot of friction by asking for too much commitment without engaging our users and/or increasing trust through relevant content.  We are so geared toward immediate gratification that we want our users to sign-up NOW or register NOW.  We forget that we need to let our user get to know us a bit.  So instead of sending that user directly to a “register now” or “sign-up now” page, use an intermediate page that gives the user more information on the product or service.

In doing so, analyze and test your button copy on the first click.  Something that is non committal like “learn more” or “take a tour”  almost always creates a feeling of non-commitment, and increases conversions.  Then, on the second page after the user has become more comfortable with the content, ask for the conversion of a sign-up or a registration.

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