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28 Days to Better Landing Pages – Day #22: Proper Use Of Testimonials

TIP:  Make sure you are not only using testimonials, but have them positioned properly on the page as well.

I often see two scenarios when consulting on landing pages: 

1.  Very scarce or non-existent testimonials on a page, especially when it’s absolutely necessary for a product or service to have one.  Some industries off the top of my head are landing pages for realtors, restaurants, mechanics, beauticians – anything that you can think of that relies heavy on word of mouth of continued patrons.

2. Misuse of testimonials on landing pages.  Make sure you don’t lump all your testimonials at the end of your landing page or in the side navigation. Place them appropriately on the page commensurate with a given feature or benefit.   Also, remember to include your conversion goals (button or phone numbers) after each testimonial.  With each testimonial (consumer touches) you increase emotions and build trust.

Testimonials on landing pages are very powerful tools because users are in the “buy-mode” and have found a solution to a need or want.  Also try using video in some of your testimonials and watch conversions soar.

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