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4 Tips for Marketing with Facebook

Here are 4 great tips on how to begin your Facebook marketing campaign.  You will have the answers to questions like: When to use CPC versus CPM?  How to target your desired demographic?  How to test your content? And, what type of landing pages are ideal for you?

1. Cost per click vs. cost per impression

To start your Facebook marketing campaign you have the option to use cost per click (CPC) or cost per impression (CPM) revenue model.  The goals of a CPC ad are more targeted for sales. CPC is recommended for companies where they have a specific goal, i.e. to sell a product.  On the other hand, CPM is most effective for advertisers who are looking to create awareness about a brand or event.  A company who is hosting a charity fundraising event will benefit more from the CPM model because a targeted user will see the ad multiple times.

2.  Test your ad copy

Facebook has the ability for advertisers to run multiple ads; this is a great place to test different ad copy!  While keeping your demographics the same, play around with different titles and the ad’s body copy.  A bar that is targeting a specific location and gender could test a title using “Mike’s Bar” and “Mike’s Bar – Voted Best Wings.”  This would test the value of adding “Voted Best Wings.”  By looking at the click through rate (CTR), Mike’s Bar would recognize if being known as a wing place helps or hurts them.  An improved title will increase CTR.  By testing, the best title can be identified.

3. Lower your target number

Facebook allows you to customize your target audience through a user friendly set of options.  The options include: age, relationship status, location, and likes & interests.  As you change the settings, Facebook shows a count of the number of people you are targeting.  Consider you are a wedding photographer in Ashville, North Carolina, you will want to make your target audience as specific as possible.  For example: engaged, 10 miles around Ashville, women, etc.  Women are more likely to be making the wedding decisions and if you are unable to travel far outside of Asheville, your settings should reflect this.  The more segmented your ad, the more likely a future customer will become a reality.  You don’t want to waste your money on people who have no ability to be a customer, i.e. someone who is not in your area or engaged.

4.  Keep with social vs. product page

Once someone decides to click on your Facebook ad, where should they be taken?  You have the option to keep them in social by bringing them to your Facebook page or another social page.  The other option is to send them off to your product or service website.  When making this decision, look at your key goals.  If your goal is to increase brand awareness by increasing your Facebook “likes,” send them to your Facebook page.  If your goal is to have people register for an event, take them to the event website.  When people are on Facebook they are in “social mode,” and to take them out of this can cause quick bounce rates.  If you move a user from Facebook to another social page, like a contest or product review, conversions tend to be better.

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