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5 Brands Rocking on Pinterest

It’s not an easy balance to pin, comment and start new boards, all while keeping your audience entertained and engaged. Here are a few companies using Pinterest well and why. Take note and see if any of their strategies can be repurposed for your business.

Redress Raleigh:

Redress Raleigh is a startup that promotes sustainability among designers, companies and customers in the fashion world. The company seeks to convince people, through consulting, to make eco-conscious apparel choices, including those in materials to upkeep. Each year, the company produces a show that highlights the latest creative eco-fashion.

Why they rock:

Granted, it’s easy to be visual when you’re fashion-oriented. Skirt/top/shoe pairings provide an endless source of color and design (pun intended). Still, Redress Raleigh’s images are exquisite and professional; they excel at communicating that eco-fashion is still fashion. Each board clearly depicts a separate buzzword for the brand:  eco-fashion, ethical fashion, designers and vintage flare. One board in particular, the “2013 Fall Fashion Expo,” does the best job at connecting the startup with its mission statement. All of the pins on this last board link back to Redress Raleigh’s website, which will increase traffic and likely boost to the bottom line.

The North Caolina Museum of Art:

The museum, which is located in Raleigh, offers guests a wide variety of art collections, including both contemporary and classic. Exhibits rotate through every few months, and the museum hosts weekly events such as movies during the summer and dinners year-round.

Why they rock:

Each board is full of glamorous shots of exhibits and of the museum grounds. Many images have been put through a filter, which makes the account look more like Instagram than Pinterest. However, the museum maintains a consistent vibe across all boards. Newer pins are filled with hashtags – the same hashtags the museum uses for its other accounts. The consistent branding and polished look make the Pinterest account stand out.

Marbles Kids Museum:

This nonprofit describes itself as a hands-on, minds-on museum that inspires imagination, discovery and learning through extraordinary adventures in play. The themed museum exhibits are designed for children 10 and under.

Why they rock:

Marbles’ Pinterest account is a one-stop-shop for any parent of a 4-10 year old (and you could argue these parents are the true audience of the museum). Boards include creative ways to play, classroom tips and sustainability advice. Pins provide information and are not simply advertisements for the museum. Make sure you check out the “Marblicious!” board – it will make any heart melt.

Raleigh Cake Pops:

This restaurant has been baking and selling cake pops since 2010. It caters at weddings and other special events and offers a wide variety of flavors and cake creations.

Why they rock: 

You would think that with one type of product, the company’s Pinterest account would be a little repetitive. Not so with Cake Pops. While the boards do include lists and images of each type of pop, other content ranges from breakfast to fashion to even pizza. Also, a significant amount of boards are devoted to party ideas, including children’s parties, weddings and holiday parties. Can the restaurant help out during all that party planning? You bet! While the Pinterest followers are ogling over the great party-planning tips, the catering option is just a click away. Genius.

Raleigh Vintage:

The owners of this clothing store claim to scour every corner of the country to find the most lovely items for their customers. The store also cleans, repairs and restores each piece so it comes to customers “ready for a new life.” The target customer is the “Vintage woman,” and the store offers dresses, tops, bottoms and even swimwear.

Why they rock:

Like Redress Raleigh, every photograph is professional and brightly-colored. Boards are divided by decade and include interior designs, recipes and holiday ideas. There are also pins of nostalgic pictures from each decade, perfect for getting potential customers in the throw-back mood. With boards titled “Italia” instead of “Italy,” Raleigh Vintage looks sophisticated, appealing perfectly to its target audience.


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