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Why Should You Get Your AdWords Certification?

Some people argue that there is no point to going through the AdWords certification process and becoming a Google AdWords certified individual. We beg to differ. There are several benefits to getting your Google AdWords certification, and we’d like to touch on just a few.

Enhancing your PPC account performance – Enhancing account performance is a central feature of the new AdWords Online Training site. Helping advertisers get good results from AdWords is in Google’s best interest. To serve this interest they have live training Webinars that are completely free. Participants in these Webinars can engage in a live Q&A. This is a great opportunity to ask questions and have them answered by experts. It also aids in preparing for the exam.

Learning about new features -In order to pass the professionals exam, it is necessary to be familiar with all the features of AdWords. Topics such as Conversion Optimizer, Website Optimizer, Google Analytics, the Content Network, and more are discussed on the AdWords Online Training site. A good way to learn about all the different features of AdWords while simultaneously preparing for the exam is working through the AdWords Online Classroom.

Employers notice! -AdWords Professional Certification is a necessity if you are an agency offering PPC account management. Although clients may not know what certification involves if you are certified it will give the impression that you know what you are talking about. In-house PPC managers should have certification as well. In this situation your employer is the client. Getting certified shows your employer you take your job seriously. Job hunters should also consider the importance of getting their AdWords Professional Certification. Employers are aware that the certification exists and they put stock in it.

Bettering yourself through continuing education – PPC requires continuing education as part of maintaining professional certification. Google’s AdWords certification expires after two years. Staying informed and up to date now will make retaking the test and maintaining your certification that much easier.

You will be a part of the Google AdWords professional search – Google recently introduced a beta search tool to help potential advertisers find a Certified AdWords Professional. Advertisers seeking assistance with PPC enter their expected budget and the type of help they need and Google provides a list of certified professionals that meet the given requirements. Being excluded from this new search tool simply because you do not have an AdWords Professional Certification would be a missed opportunity.

Are you ready to take the next step and earn your Google AdWords certification? ASPE-ROI offers an intensive Google AdWords training course, Mastering Google Adwords. This 3-day course insures that you will be provided with all the knowledge and preparation you need to gain your AdWords Certification.

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