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The 5 Most Important Things You Should Be Doing on Facebook

A great Facebook profile is several things:  It’s informative, it’s well-branded, it’s interesting and it’s visually appealing. Nearly every organization has realized the importance of the largest social network, but not every organization is fully utilizing its potential. Poor captions, a lack of images and infrequent posting are the typical culprits of a Facebook page done too quickly.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that “a loyal fan base” or “a quality product” can suffice as excuses to not treating your Facebook page with care. Similar to a low-quality website or a shoddy store interior, an unattractive Facebook page reflects poorly on your reputation. Considering we shop first with our eyes, images matter, and looking bad usually implies bad service. Do yourself a favor and follow these five tips to keep your Facebook page clean and fresh.

  1. Pick a Great Cover Photo and Profile Picture

    Similar to a storefront, the profile/cover photo spread is the first thing any potential customer will see on your organization’s Facebook page. It’s like the attractive hotel lobby luring guests inside. Hubspot’s spread is excellent because both pictures are in line with the branding, none of the colors clash, and it shows the product in use. Also, it’s a great example for a company without flashy merchandise to imitate, such as a tech or B2B company.

  2. Easily Accessible Contact Information

    If your social media accounts are truly meant to increase the connection between you and your publics, then you should be sure to put your contact information on your page. Look at MMI Public Relations as an example. In the “About” section, the company lists its website, blog and Twitter information. It also lists a phone number in the “Contact Info.” Anyone looking for more information will easily be able to find it.

  3. Plenty of Images with Well-Written Captions

    Starbucks is the king of images done right on Facebook. True, its product lends itself nicely to photographs and mouth-watering captions, but it provides a great example for any restaurant or food-based company. Is your business not in the food industry? No excuse. Check out Visa, TechCrunch and PRSA New Professionals for examples of creative ways to include quality images.

  4. Questions to Your Audience and Requests to Like or Share Content

    One of the best ways to garner interaction from fans is to be the instigator. It will take more than just cool links to rack up those shares and likes. Take a lesson from Babaco. Most of the company’s posts ask questions or include a request to share. Also, notice that the company answers almost all comments – true interaction.

  5. Yearly Promotions or Competitions

    Even if you’re a rock star at implementing the previous four essential steps, your audience can still get bored. One way to change things up is through an old-fashioned competition. CocoaVia, a chocolate supplement, held a sweepstakes during the summer of 2012 in which participants had to post what type of chocolate flavor they would choose if they won. In just one week, more fans commented about the brand than in the next six months. And remember, each comment is a way to show off how much your audience loves your brand. For a very detailed piece on how to run a Facebook contest, check out this blog post from Social Media Examiner. 

Final Words

The more active you are on Facebook, the more intuitive these things will become. Need some ideas? Check out other brands’ Facebook pages and see how they stack up to these five qualifications of a good Facebook page. Then, see how you can imitate what they are doing well. Pretty soon, you’ll have the best digital storefront on the street.


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