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7 Ways to Change Your Content Marketing in 2015

If you look at internet marketing, it’s obvious that it is ever changing. Content marketing in particular seems to be changing so fast we can barely keep up. The constant development of new technologies and software make for rapid evolution. It is important you stay up to date on trends in the industry, as your marketing success will depend on it. Keep these 7 things in mind this year in order to succeed in content marketing.

1.       Spend More on Content Creation

Content marketing has quickly become the top priority for most B2C and B2B businesses. It is predicted that spending for high quality content marketing will grow in proportion to digital marketing in the upcoming year. In order to continue to compete in the market, it is important you adjust your marketing budget to follow suit.

2.       Focus More on Personalization

Internet marketing is incredibly important in almost every companies marketing plan, but advertisements and web pages are beginning to clutter. How do you separate yourselves from the competition? Thankfully we now have access to much more technology and data than we have in years past, giving us a better insight into our customers.

Facebook does a great job of tracking personal information and what types of articles, links and pages their users share and look at to better personalize the ads they see. If you change your relationship status to “engaged”, or start looking at wedding planning articles you will probably start noticing advertisements for florists, photographers, and venues.


3.       Make Better Use of Visuals

If you have been on the internet anytime in the last couple of years, you’ve also probably noticed the increasing trend of the use of visuals rather than text. People respond much better to graphs, charts, images and videos and the content marketing field is no exception. It looks like the trend is here to stay and visuals will only continue to increase in importance, so jump aboard now.


4.       Utilize Measurement Tools

If you haven’t already fallen in love with measurement and testing tools, now is the time to try them. There are dozens of options to utilize, but content marketers in particular really seem to like A/B testing. A/B testing is when you compare two web pages or other types of content, against each other and see which performs better. This method is also sometimes referred to as split testing, but is incredibly easy.

5.       Go Local with Your Content

Google’s plan to go mobile isn’t just to make mobile versions of websites. It is to make content with mobile in mind. Content marketers are beginning to allocate large portions of their budgets to reach local users in their day to day activities.  Make an effort to reach them while they are grocery shopping, looking for a restaurant to eat at, etc.

6.       Connect Content Marketing and Social Media

We tend to use content marketing and social media so closely that you question if there is even a difference. Although there is a difference between the two, what little lines there are now are set to disappear in 2015. And with the continued rise of social media, it is crucial that your business succeed online. Social media is meant to build relationships, not just post content. Communicate with other businesses, customers, and brand advocates. If you retweet and share their content, they are much more likely to do the same for you.


7.       Collaborate with Other Social Media Users

Use your professional connections to reach more people. Along the same lines of sharing each other’s content, guest post on each other’s pages as well. If Donald Trump posted on my blog or Facebook page it would reach not only my readers, but his as well. This has the potential to expand your reach exponentially.

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