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8 Days of Content Marketing Wrap-up

While there is much more to learn about what I covered in the eight days of content marketing, I hope you learned and thought of some new ideas you could use for your content marketing strategy. Actually producing the content can be the biggest challenge you face, especially if you market a technical product that requires help from a subject matter expert. Sometimes you’ll have to outsource and pay for content, but as long as you’re following your strategy, that content should help you in your goals of recognition, lead generation or sales.

Hopefully we all know the more content the better, but you also need to allocate your resources wisely. Different industries have better responses with different content marketing strategies and you need to figure out which works best for yours. Not only does it include what content you’re producing, but also how you’re distributing it to your audience. IT security systems engineers are much different than those searching for a singing mounted fish, and they will respond differently to different methods. Test and evaluate your methods constantly.

Most importantly, always keep SEO in mind. The basic reason behind creating any content marketing campaign is so people can find you and use all of this content you are producing. And for more suggestions on other content marketing tactics, here’s a list of topics I didn’t cover:

  • Email
  • Newsletters
  • Microsites
  • Infographics
  • Mobile content
  • Traditional ad placement – print magazines, journals, newspapers, outdoor advertising
  • Articles, editorials and interviews in publications (traditional or online)
  • Digital magazines
  • Direct Mail
  • Virtual conferences
  • Podcasts and other audio
  • Licensed content
  • Mobile applications
  • Annual reports
  • Games
  • Branded Content – templates, workbooks, tools

If you are interested in learning more and developing your content marketing strategy, join us for the ASPE-ROI web seminar Content Marketing: Content is Still King or sign up for our Content Marketing Boot Camp.



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