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8 Days of Content Marketing

Looking ahead to 2013, content marketing is the top priority among many marketers. But what is the definition of content marketing? The one sentence that sums it up for me is:   Relevant, useful, original information produced and distributed via multiple media channels in order to increase visibility for your brand and drive business. Why is it such a priority? What goal are you trying to accomplish? There are several reasons, but these are my top two:

  1. Improve SEO, therefore increasing web visibility and traffic to your site and driving business
  2. Help people find what they want, when they want, increasing brand loyalty

Now that you know what you want to do, how do you do it? You’re in luck. For the next 8 days we are posting one content marketing tactic per day on the ASPE-ROI blog. There are so many more than 8, but we will concentrate on some of the most common.

While the focus will be on tactics, there are still several other factors you can’t forget when applying content marketing:

Personas – Know your audience. Don’t put the results of a survey up on your website in the hopes that somebody, somewhere will download it and you’ll get a lead. What is relevant to your audience? Create a persona for your typical customer or client. If you have several different personas, make sure not to blur the lines. What is interesting and useful to one type of persona does not always translate to the other.

Original Content – Do not copy and paste information. It decreases your SEO rankings, and people will figure out who the source is, bypassing you in the future. Even if it’s originally your information and you want to post the same item on multiple websites, duplicate information hurts your rankings. Of course you can use relevant information, but make sure to re-interpret it with your voice and cite when necessary. Don’t forget – linking helps your SEO too.

Proofread for grammar and spelling – You don’t have to be an editor for the New York Times (though even they have errors now and then). However, nobody wants to read a poorly written, grammatically incorrect, “did you even use spell-check” type of article, blog post or white paper. If you aren’t a good writer but have great content ideas, find someone who is, and bring them donuts.

Keeping all that in mind, we’ll kick off the first day of content marketing tactics tomorrow with blog posts.

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