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A Thank You to Our Students: $595 July/August Sessions

We realize you have a number of options when choosing a training provider. We appreciate the fact that you chose ASPE.  To show our thanks, we are offering all of our July and August online students the option to train additional people for only $595 per person.

We take pride in the quality of our customer service, our high quality products, our classroom experience, our desire to be your partner (not just your vendor), and above all, the tools, skills, and techniques you bring back to the office.  We realize that in today’s economy, people are being asked to do more with less.  This usually means that you are overworked and taking on responsibilities that are not part of your job description.  An increasing number of students are taking our classes under the expectation that they will return to their office and then teach their new learned knowledge and skills to others.  There are also students who return to the office with critical projects resting on their shoulders.  We want to help relieve some of that burden you are carrying.

We believe training is even more successful when it becomes a team effort.  You will get more out of your training if you have someone to discuss how to apply knowledge and skills to your situations.  Having another member of your team with you can be a tremendous asset.  You will be able to retain the information better and in turn increase the real tangible value for your company.  Together you can then return to the office and increase efficiency, upgrade processes, and move your company forward.

For all of these reasons, all of our July and August online session attendees can bring additional people for just $595 per person.

To take advantage of this offer, simply contact your training advisor or call 877-800-5221.

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