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How to Add or Update a Credit Card in Your Google AdWords Account

If you’re not familiar with the billing side of your Google AdWords account, updating your payment method may be a little confusing to you. I had never even looked at the billing side of my AdWords account. So when our accountant told me we had a new credit card that needed to be used, I definitely had a moment of panic. To avoid what I went through, use the step-by-step directions below for updating or adding a credit card to your Google AdWords account.

  1. log into AdWords account
  2. Click “Billing, Account settings and Help” icon on the top right of your screen
  3. On the left navigation page, choose “Billing settings”
  4. The last option on your screen is “Available payment methods
    Select “+ Add a new payment method”
  5. Toggle “Credit or debit card” and input your new credit card information
    Toggle the “Set this payment method as Primary” and then Click “Save”

As you can see, it’s not very difficult to update your Google AdWords account but not staying on top of your account can lead to some missed opportunities.

Google AdWords is effective in driving relevant targeted traffic to your website which can generate new customers so making sure that your account is up to date is important.

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