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Agile Marketing: Getting the Right Things Right

Many times marketers have so much on their to-do list they don’t even know where to start. Agile marketing, fast becoming the next hot topic of conversation among CMOs, CXOs, vice presidents and managers of all levels, is a way to help mitigate the mayhem that surrounds a constantly changing profession.

ASPE-ROI offers the Agile Marketing Boot Camp for marketers interested in adopting agile practices for their marketing departments. Although agile was originally introduced as an alternative methodology to waterfall and traditional project management typically used in the software development life cycle, the principles of agile make it a great methodology for any industry or profession that needs to plan and adapt to change quickly.

Jim Ewel, course developer and instructor of the Agile Marketing Boot Camp, is an industry leader and is passionate about helping people transition to agile in marketing. His most recent blog post, “How Not to Do Agile Marketing,” speaks to the notion that in marketing you can push out a lot of content, but it’s not as effective if it’s not the right content.

In what he calls the “activity trap,” Ewel addresses the issue of aligning projects with larger goals. He also goes through the “marketing scorecard,” a planning tool that ties the buying process to metrics that measure success. You can also download a template to produce your own scorecard to measure your success.

To read the entire post, visit Jim Ewel’s Agile Marketing blog.

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