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Agile Marketing Roadmaps

by Katie Cothran, ROI Product Manager – ASPE, Inc.

John Mardlin, an Agile marketer based in Victoria, British Columbia, recently wrote a guest blog post for Agile Marketing about the importance of keeping roadmaps while practicing Agile marketing. In the post he discusses why Agile marketing is more than just efficiency, it’s also being able to measure the effectiveness of your marketing projects, and to do that, you need a roadmap.

His post includes valuable advice about:

  • Why you need a roadmap
  • Who should maintain the roadmap
  • What an Agile marketing roadmap looks like
  • Getting the most out of your roadmap

The Agile Marketing blog is maintained by ASPE-ROI course developer, Jim Ewel. His course, Agile Marketing Boot Camp, is a two-day course that teaches students how to apply Agile methods, including how to use roadmaps, to marketing strategy. During the class, students learn to get more done, adapt to change and see measurable results immediately using Agile marketing.

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