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Agile Marketing: Sprint 6

Many Hands Make Light Work

In the sprint retrospective for this sprint there seemed to be a general feeling of content and enthusiasm. This was a pleasant surprise as I was half expecting that stating “Happy workers. Happy management. Happy stakeholders.” last week was going to jinx us.

We discussed how the team is continuing to do a great job of helping each other out and focusing on the most important team needs and tasks, and not our own individual ones. This is especially evident in one team member who had shed many of her previous role-based siloed tasks and made a sacrifice to the team. She has set a wonderful example and the rest of us need to reciprocate that.

We also see the intern thriving, which makes me very excited for the next crop of folks who will hopefully be joining the team soon. I love the idea that we will be able to get these folks ramped up quickly and contributing much like she has. Our intern program has always pushed them to be doing the same work as the marketing specialists and it is awesome to see her doing just that.

In general, the team continues to churn out work and there is a great team dynamic at the moment. I could not be happier.

For those keeping score at home, this week we completed 337 points worth of tasks.


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