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AMA Chapter Challenge Update

Want to win $1000 for your AMA Chapter to use for a marvelous event or speaker? If that answer is yes, then you should be voting daily in the 2014 AMA Chapter Challenge!

This nationwide competition between AMA chapters challenges each chapter to secure the most votes. The chapter with the most number of votes will win a $1000 cash prize and 1 free day of training hosted by ASPE-ROI.

It is very easy to vote, just visit the AMA Chapter Challenge homepage and choose your chapter and the course you would like ASPE to bring to you!  This link can also be conveniently forwarded to any colleagues, family members, friends, and fellow AMA Members. The more people you get to vote, the better chance your chapter has of winning!

As of April 15th, the current chapter in 1st place is the AMA New Orleans Chapter!  But voting will not close until May 15th, so you have plenty of time to take the lead! Once voting is closed the winner will be announced on the ASPE-ROI Blog.

Vote for your chapter now in the 2014 AMA Chapter Challenge!

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