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ASPE Becomes First Training Company to Have An Instructor Certified by YouTube

ASPE instructor Jeremy Smith (@JeremySaid) officially became certified by YouTube in April. Upon obtaining this certification, ASPE became the first and only training company in the world to have an instructor certified by YouTube.

This rare and highly selective certification is offered through invitation only. However, YouTube is hoping to make the certification course available to the public in late 2013. The Certification involves an intensive two-day course taught by several Google and YouTube employees, followed by a certification exam that the individual must pass within 10 days. Completion of the YouTube Certification Program (YCP) demonstrates a high level of skill and expertise.

Jeremy is an instructor for ASPE-ROI with a passion for digital marketing. His fresh ideas in social media, brand management, and new techniques with emerging media made him a prime candidate for the YCP. YouTube invited Jeremy along with about 30 other candidates to participate in the program. Jeremy participated in the course at the Google office in NYC and passed the exam, becoming certified in Audience Development.

Jeremy is now developing the YouTube Marketing Boot Camp course at ASPE-ROI. The first session of this course will be offered in September, 2013. The three-day course covers YouTube topics in-depth with the primary purpose being how to use online video to get better marketing results, boost SEO and better brand recognition. A few of the topics the course will cover include YouTube basics & background, platform strategies, content strategies, optimization techniques, and audience development and marketing strategies.

The YouTube Marketing Boot Camp also serves as a precursor for individuals interested in obtaining official certification through the YCP. YouTube has intentions of making the program more accessible to the public and expanding their selection of certification tracks. YouTube is currently the second largest search engine in the world and its widespread use allows for endless business and marketing possibilities.

ASPE-ROI and instructor Jeremy Smith are also offering one day YouTube consulting services. If you are interested, please contact ASPE directly at 877-800-5221 or send inquiries to

The challenge presented in our technology-driven society today is not finding the ability to reach people, but finding ways to stand out through the mass overload of information. Certifications and training courses such as the YCP and YouTube Marketing Boot Camp provide increasingly necessary ways to break through the chaos.

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