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ASPE-ROI to Host YouTube Marketing Q&A Session on July 17th

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YouTube has become the second largest search engine in the world. With more than 2 billion daily views, it’s critical for your company or organization to have a presence within YouTube. But how do you get started? What type of videos can you make? What makes a successful YouTube marketing campaign?  Look no further, we have answers for your questions.

Join ASPE-ROI on July 17th at 2pm (EST) for a free, open-ended Q&A session. Instructor Jeremy Smith, course developer of the YouTube Marketing Boot Camp and officially a YouTube Certified Individual who went through the YouTube Certification Program, will answer all the questions you have for one hour. For a better chance of us getting to your question about marketing with YouTube, submit them before the session via Twitter @ASPE_ROI or email ASPE-ROI Product Manager, Katie Cothran (

During the session we will answer your questions and others such as:

  • How do you define an impression with YouTube?
  • How can you tell if traffic is organic or paid?
  • Are there programs to measure the analytics of my YouTube channel?
  • What are the best ways to optimize my YouTube video?
  • How much will YouTube cost my company?
  • Can I make money using YouTube?
  • What are some examples of successful YouTube videos for B2B companies?
  • What’s the best way to make a corporate video for YouTube with a small budget?
  • My product is boring. What type of video am I supposed to make?

Whether you’re just starting to use YouTube as a marketing channel for your business, or you’ve been using it for a while and have technical questions, this free Q&A session is for you. To sign up, fill out the form below and you will be sent a confirmation email with details of how to join the Q&A on July 17th.


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*If you plan to ask questions during the session, you will need a microphone on your computer, or you will need to call in to the Webex conference bridge. 

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