Chris Barron

Chris Barron

Chris Barron is a fifteen year veteran of the Product Management field and a twenty year veteran of the software industry. His career spans a wide range of businesses from a three-person artificial intelligence firm to the likes of Oracle, Yahoo! and VMware – three of the largest software companies in the world. It also spans diverse technologies from Windows-based products on stacks of floppy disks to multi-platform enterprise applications to SaaS offerings running in the cloud.

Chris also possesses deep experience in Agile methodologies. In addition to his Product Management roles at companies using Agile development methodologies, he served as Agile Scrum Master and Agile Product Owner roles for numerous teams. And he also trains and consults in the new Agile Marketing discipline.

With his unique breadth of experience, Chris is able to apply best practices and lessons learned from both successes and failures to almost any situation. Even his earliest experiences, like when he was a student at MIT programming for months in a closet for a failed startup, provide teachable lessons applicable to this day.

He is a Pragmatic Certified Product Manager, a Sequent Learning Certified Product Manager, a Certified Scrum Master, and a SANS Institute Certified Security Analyst (GSEC).

"I understand how easy it is to focus too much on what you're building and how you're building it while ignoring the other really important questions – why? and for who? I've seen too many under-performing teams try dubious fixes – just make more detailed specs, just change to Agile, just add more resources, etc. I've improved the effectiveness and success of a number of teams simply by providing leadership that aligns the organization on the same vision and roadmap, from the big picture down to the details. That may sound like a huge challenge and it really is. But I've repeatedly done it in numerous environments and I can help you be successful too."

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