Chris Knotts, PMP

Chris Knotts

ASPE's Chris Knotts is the firm's product manager responsible for driving new training topics, building new courses, and identifying underserved skills gaps. He has served as a marketing and strategy consultant for many high tech and B-to-B clients, including Cisco Systems, Coca Cola, HP, and others. Chris is a veteran communication strategist and creative leader who focuses on delivering tangible, provable business value. He has provided service for many training companies and learning-related lines of business.

At ASPE, Chris has served multiple roles: in his current role, he is focused on fixing skills gaps and delivering training for Fortune clients, government agencies and 21st century business environments. Before his current job as new product chief, he led a creative services team in the marketing department and provided enterprise marketing support to the sales organization. He also created a new business unit in the firm which broke down siloes between departments, established formal collaboration processes between the marketing and sales organizations, and oversaw new data-driven tools to measure the results.

Never one to put business too far ahead of life, Chris eagerly connects with anyone who is interested in organic gardening, live music, and new technologies such as machine learning, biotech and robotics.

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