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Jeff Russell

Jeff Russell

Jeff Russell is an award-winning copywriter and producer who has more than 30 years of experience in all tactical forms of marketing communications. The fact that his blog posts for ASPE are under the heading "from the Deer in the Headlights Diaries" just shows how much he still has to learn.

Jeff says, "I tell people that what I do is like being in college, perpetually. I get to learn about technologies and processes and industries and business models from some really smart people. And then I get paid to write about it – which is better than doing term papers."

Jeff has a degree in Theatre Arts with emphasis on playwriting and direction, but chose to go into advertising – instead of working at Pizza King, which is where a lot of other theatre majors ended up. Jeff and his wife live in Hudson, Ohio. Jeff's company – Jeff Russell + Companions has offices in Hudson and in Durham, NC.

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