Jeremy Smith

Jeremy Smith

ASPE Instructor Jeremy Smith is a savvy marketer with an entrepreneurial spirit. As a seasoned professional, Jeremy has worked with a multitude of companies from start-ups pulling themselves up by their bootstraps to those spending millions in marketing capital. His primary strength in digital marketing taught him that social and new media represent a change of how business gets done – the glory is no longer only for the big boys.

Jeremy has a zest for living that translates to his passion for cultivating and deploying digital marketing strategies. His fresh ideas and sound strategies in social media, brand management, lead generation, strategic alliances and new techniques with emerging media get results. His feeling is that given the right voice, the right advocates, and the right outlets, any company, large or small, can make itself a success by employing digital marketing as a part of its overall marketing plan.

Jeremy holds a double degree in business administration and Spanish from East Carolina University. He also studied further at Universidad de las Americas in Puebla, Mexico. Deep proficiency paired with an easygoing nature gives Jeremy a unique ability to make sure his clients have the know-how to keep their businesses relevant in today's marketplace.

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