Katie Cothran

Katie Cothran

ASPE's Katie Cothran is product manager for the ASPE-ROI line of digital marketing training. She is a product management and marketing leader with more than 10 years of experience in media communications, traditional and digital marketing, product strategy and development and team leadership. Katie has a degree from the School of Journalism and Mass Communication from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill., and her career has progressed steadily through influential marketing roles to her current position as product manager. She oversees a comprehensive line of marketing training which combines the lessons and wisdom of traditional marketing doctrine with the critical shifts of today's digital strategies, including the marketing roles of content, analytics, SEO, video, mobile and social media to name a few.

Katie has extensive experience in in content marketing, product development, direct mail, digital marketing, lead generation and nurturing, campaign rollouts and more. Her specialties include writing, editing, persona development, content creation, budget analysis and planning, market research, contract negotiation, data analysis and marketing planning. In addition, she is adept at developing and managing relationships with some of the most respected thought leaders in today's rapidly evolving marketing world.

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