Kaete Piccirilli, MBA

Jospeh Havey

ASPE's Kaete Piccirilli is our firm's Marketing Manager and an experienced business team leader. She started her career with an undergraduate degree from Clemson and later earned an MBA from NC State University's highly-regarded Jenkins MBA program. As she oversees the day-to-day projects and operations of ASPE's marketing, Kaete serves several valuable roles. She is a veteran direct response marketing expert, supervising both electronic and print media marketing. She leads marketing team operations, manages budgets, and performs market research and segmentation. She also designs and improves the projects and processes which take our training products to market in some of today's newest and most innovative business sectors.

Kaete has several major business accomplishments under her belt, including strategic marketing rollouts for numerous high profile clients such as Disney, CNL Bank and Hard Rock Hotels, to name a few. She also oversaw direct-response marketing campaigns which increased sales volume for divisions of Johnson & Johnson and subsidiaries from approximately $1 million dollars in 2006 to $2 million dollars in just the first six months of 2007. Besides her technical and business acumen, Kaete is also an accomplished leader of teams and people, consistently building team cohesiveness and work quality while also delivering tangible, measurable business results.

Kaete specializes in team leadership, marketing strategy and execution, direct response metrics, budgeting, contract negotiation and customer experience. When she is not running ASPE's marketing organization, she is a wife, mom and entrepreneur who designs children's apparel.

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