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Be Nice! 6 Easy & Practical Ways to Practice Social Media Kindness in a Mean World

We’ve all seen it. The brutal capability social media has to brew mean and thoughtless words and behavior. Many of you have already seen Jimmy Kimmel’s “Mean Tweets” skit where celebrities read mean tweets about themselves. Whether or not all these tweets were legitimate, the skit nails an unfortunate truth on the head: people mixed with social media can be a recipe for disaster.

Perhaps you yourself have been a victim of this virtual pit of wrath. Maybe you have been among the near 50% of the population who has been directly bullied over social media. Maybe you’ve quiver over that vague “I can’t stand some people” tweet by a friend or colleague, wondering if you could possibly be the source of their repulsion.
Maybe your company has been negatively impacted by social media meanness. It’s obvious how the internet can promote your brand, but when your business “oops” is amplified times a thousand or made into a public spectacle, suddenly you wish you could sink back into the good ol’ days of technology non-existence.

Whether it’s in your business or in your personal life, here are few kind ways to use social media when everything around you seems mean:


  1. Endorse or Recommend a Colleague on LinkedIn

It takes less than a second to endorse someone for a skill, so next time you take notice of a colleague’s skill, publically praise them on LinkedIn through an endorsement. If you have a little more time, consider writing a recommendation for someone you’ve had a good amount of experience working with. A well written recommendation can be incredibly helpful for that person’s LinkedIn page.


  1. Thank Someone on Twitter.

Thank people who retweet you on Twitter or mention your company in their blog. If a colleague did an especially good job on a project or presentation, praise them on Twitter! Gratitude goes a long way and can do wonders for your company and brand reputation.


  1. Mention Others on Twitter When Possible

If you’re hosting an event, mention the speaker. If you have a positive interaction with another company, give them a shout out. Not only does mentioning someone draw attention to them, it also recognizes your involvement in the community.


  1. Share Content and Like Pages on Facebook

You love it when other companies like your Facebook page or share your content with others, so do it for them!


  1. Write a Profile Piece on Your Blog

This takes a bit more time so it should be kept for those who you most want to recognize or thank. Draw a blog post back to a company or individual who demonstrates an excellent work concept or who you simply want to shed light on.


  1. Do Random Acts of Kindness

People will often reveal wants or desires over social media. Maybe it’s something simple that you could help them with. If a lead puts out a tweet that she wishes she had some fresh flowers on her desk at work, arrange to have flowers delivered to her place of work. Doing frequent random acts of kindness will help establish an overall positive brand and develop strong personal relationships with others.


Be nice! Social media allows unkindness to spread easily but it also creates a ton of new opportunities to be kind and to thank others around you. Get into the habit of practicing social media niceties and remember, what goes around comes around.


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