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What is the training experience for the ASPE-ROI Executive Certificate in Internet Marketing like?

One Customer’s Review: Part 3

Last week Brett gave us a review about all five courses he took to earn his Executive Certificate in Internet Marketing through training by ASPE-ROI. Below are the final responses he gave about what he sees as the true benefits and impact this certificate program will have for him.

What do you think are the top 3 benefits of going through the certificate program?

  1. Web/digital marketing is a constantly changing field. You have to keep on the up-and-up if you want to remain competitive and bring about the biggest benefit for your company.
  2. Networking. The people you meet will share a lot of the same frustrations as you. You develop a strong network of individuals to lean back on to bounce ideas off of and share insights.
  3. New Perspective. You not only gain perspective about how big internet marketing is to the future, but how important your role is in ensuring that your company is following the trend, and with that help others gain new perspective in how important a strong internet/digital marketing plan is to the future of the firm. (more…)

ASPE Becomes First Training Company to Have An Instructor Certified by YouTube

ASPE instructor Jeremy Smith (@JeremySaid) officially became certified by YouTube in April. Upon obtaining this certification, ASPE became the first and only training company in the world to have an instructor certified by YouTube.

This rare and highly selective certification is offered through invitation only. However, YouTube is hoping to make the certification course available to the public in late 2013. The Certification involves an intensive two-day course taught by several Google and YouTube employees, followed by a certification exam that the individual must pass within 10 days. Completion of the YouTube Certification Program (YCP) demonstrates a high level of skill and expertise.

Jeremy is an instructor for ASPE-ROI with a passion for digital marketing. His fresh ideas in social media, brand management, and new techniques with emerging media made him a prime candidate for the YCP. YouTube invited Jeremy along with about 30 other candidates to participate in the program. Jeremy participated in the course at the Google office in NYC and passed the exam, becoming certified in Audience Development. (more…)

Comparing Successful Certification Programs

When you look at today’s technology-enabled workforce, there are a huge number of certifications available. We just finished doing a study comparing some of the most successful certification programs, their role in the job market, and their importance to the training industry. We did this study because we’re hoping to convince Google to transition to an authorized training model which leverages affiliate training providers along with authorized content. We’ll keep you posted on that. In the meantime, comparing these certifications yields some interesting insight about how they impact skills and earning power.

So to establish some context for studying useful industry certifications, let’s break them into a few basic categories: (more…)

Why Training Budgets Go Further When It's Hot


Are you currently making your summer plans? Maybe a drive down the coast with Jimmy Buffet blasting is in your future? Or will you be found sipping a Corona on the beach this Fourth of July? Whatever your summer plans, ASPE wants to be included. Come take advantage of our July and August specials and train with us this summer!

Believe it or not, the summer months offer a great opportunity to get the most out of your training dollars. Because the business world slows down during the summer, several opportunities open up for anyone who needs training. While the slowdown can present a challenge, savvy folks can actually take advantage of it. Here’s how:

  • Your competition is sluggish during the summer slowdown.
    Gain an edge going into the fall.

    Training builds enthusiasm and gives your people fresh new skills. By the time business begins to pick back up, those skills have really been mastered and integrated into the organization. You’ll enter the fall market with an edge, while your competitors are busy trying to shake off the lull of the summer blues.
  • With a slow in business, employees often have time to pick up some new skills.
    With a decade of experience training all sectors of the corporate world, we’ve found that employee flexibility is at its peak during the summer months. If your people experience a lag in their schedule, backfilling with new skills or certification training is a good move.
  • Training doesn’t just improve your people; it can upgrade your business processes.
    A potential slowdown can offer an opportunity to upgrade processes, as well as employees. Your busy time of year isn’t the best time to adopt a new methodology or deploy new software. If you have a bit of summer flexibility, you can afford to upgrade without disrupting your flow of business.
  • Virtual training allows you to train at any location.
    Many times the date or location of training conflicts with schedules. With virtual training you can keep your summer schedule and fit in training. Our virtual training goes anywhere you go. So take ASPE to the beach with you this summer!
You can currently save 24% on July and August sessions or 20% on other sessions if you book your upcoming training this summer.
Sessions include:
Learn more about how Training Budgets Go Further When It’s Hot!


Free Training Advising Service for Everyone

by: Chris Knotts, ASPE Creative Director

Some of the most important people here at ASPE are  our professional training advisors. But who are these people? What do they do? Why is it worth it to our business to provide such a valuable service for free to anyone?

ASPE training advisors have one simple mission and that is to help you precisely identify your skills gaps and to develop a plan to get you the training you need in order to bridge those gaps. That is why we have a dedicated staff who does nothing but consult with you on your role and exactly how you might benefit from training. The more we understand your specific situation, the more we can use our knowledge of the current industry landscape, trends and tools available to help you navigate skills-based solutions.

Don’t get us wrong – we know it’s not always appropriate for you to take one of our courses. In fact, when ASPE entered the training sector years ago, we decided one of the most important reasons we needed to work hard to foster an extensive network of other players in the training industry was to make sure we could offer customers a training plan even when we didn’t offer the solution ourselves. A training advisor’s first priority isn’t always to sell an ASPE course.  It’s to help find a concrete strategy to ensure that your training investment results in applicable and practical skills. It’s only on rare occasion that ASPE either doesn’t have a course from across our five training companies, or doesn’t have a partner referral  who can offer you the exact training you need.

Think about your college advisor. Remember the approach he or she took when preparing you for the following semester? Young students often need coaching when making career decisions at such an early stage. So although the advisor was an agent of your college, the real job was to first understand your specific personal goals. My advisor was extremely helpful year to year as she watched me grow in my learning, but more importantly, as she helped me develop the exact career strategy I needed to adopt as I completed school and entered the workforce. It was not specific courses or credits that she was really concerned with; rather, it was what I wanted to achieve.

Training advisors at ASPE have the same mission as you college training advisor.  What matters most are the specifics of your organization and the specifics of your own needs and goals. This is the first and most fundamental conversation that a training advisor will want to have with you before discussing any type of definitive training options.

Another key role is helping to distinguish between your certification needs and your simple skills gaps. Professional certification goals can often be just as complex as the overall landscape. There have never been as many certifications available as there are today. Is an accrediting body certification appropriate? Is a university affiliated certificate better? Or, do you need a vendor specific certification on a specific technology? These answers vary by field and by position but one thing is clear: the right industry certification is extremely valuable. It can be difficult to know whether these certifications will be worth it, however. At ASPE we’ve chosen to focus on a few key options:  PMI credentials, Certifications from the IIBA, Executive-level business certificates, Google certification, and the software testing certification from ISTQB. Whether you need one of these or another credential, ASPE’s advisory can and will provide helpful answers and effective solutions.

The question often asked is what’s the catch is when it comes to providing this sort of service without any kind of guaranteed ROI. The reality is that we’ve found it to have incredible ROI.  In the world of professional training, it’s amazing how often companies promote educational products as if they’re a sales-driven retail company. We feel that this isn’t the most effective approach to bringing high-level professional training to market. Rather, talking with people and treating their need for training as an educational opportunity revolving around THEM instead of our own product line. This attitude is something people appreciate and when people appreciate you, they’re more apt to become customers. What’s more, they’re more apt to become loyal customers. That’s what we’re really focused on at ASPE. And for those who ultimately don’t turn to us for training – we’re happy that our business model allows us to provide them with something of value regardless of the future relationship. At the end of the day, it’s well worth it to us and our industry to see professionals make informed decisions before deciding to engage in training –  be it with us, with a partner, or with another resource altogether.

We operate in a very complex landscape. The enterprise project world functions in a way that’s heavily influenced by technology, global trends, and ever-faster absorption of new lessons and data in real time. These, combined with a high level of specialization and sophistication, are all factors that contribute to a world of training possibilities that can be very intimidating. Sometimes course content can be confusingly different (or confusingly similar) from vendor to vendor and course to course. It’s possible, and even easy, to begin a training search seeking to resolve challenges, but coming away even more confused than when you started. This should never be the case. The good news is that having so many courses available and having every specialty covered is ultimately a great thing. It allows for the gaps in your skills to be addressed in a highly tailored, relevant way. It also means that somewhere in the world there is training available that matches your job description with a high level of specificity. The challenge then becomes how to navigate all the options, and that’s why our training advisors make up one of the largest and most important departments in our firm.

An Executives View: Google Certification

When I first heard that Google was offering certification on its marketing tools I was very excited.  I have been in the business-to-business, for-profit training world for 16 years now, so I know the value certification can bring.  When I hear certification, I think qualified professional.  If Google has developed a program to offer the business community qualified professionals on their AdWords and Analytics products this would be a significant step.  It would be a significant step because for most enterprise, non-agency, organizations Google PPC and Analytics are like voodoo, much like networking computers was in the 1990s to IT professionals.  When something is like voodoo that means fear, uncertainty and doubt reign supreme. A good certification acts like cleanser to that fear, uncertainty and doubt.