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Content Marketing Campaign of the Week: Charmin Sit or Squat App

It only took 10 weeks, but I’ve escalated to potty humor! While some people may not want to acknowledge Charmin’s brilliance because of the “mother nature” of it, I think it’s clever and helpful. Maybe it’s because I’m a cleanly female, but I don’t want to use a restroom off I-95 in the middle of July that smells and looks like it’s been used as the bathing grounds for hitchhikers. Enter Charmin.

The Charmin Sit or Squat App is a great example of content marketing because it is:

Practical. Who doesn’t want a clean bathroom? Oh yeah, the opening scenes of Trainspotting. Gross.

Simple. Type in your location and look to see where the red or green toilet paper rolls are. Sometimes there are comments, but it’s a very quick and easy mapping system.

Customer Focused. Actual people and customers are posting these, letting their fellow man know whether to expect a clean or disastrous bathroom break. It relies on and holds the key element to most content marketing successes:  audience participation.

Amusing. Tell me this didn’t make you laugh when you read it.

Memorable. If you’re in Venice Beach and people walking barefoot in the public bathroom creeps you out, you will definitely remember you can find a clean restroom at the touch of a button.

Humorous. When you visit the site or open the app for the first time, it asks for age verification to “confirm that you’ve been potty trained.”

Useful information associated with your brand is helpful. When you take it to the next level, you hit a marketing landmine. When it comes to looking at the toilet paper shelf at the store and thinking, what’s the difference between all of these brands? Why buy Charmin? They know where you should “enjoy the go” while you’re on the go. LITERALLY!

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