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Content Marketing Campaign of the Week: WestJet Christmas Miracle

West Jet's Video Content Marketing Strategy

Last Christmas season, WestJet surprised 250 passengers travelling to Calgary with a Christmas Miracle (video below), and gave people worldwide something positive to talk about during the holidays. WestJet Santa asked passengers at the departure terminal what they wanted for Christmas. During the flight, WestJet volunteers scurried around purchasing the majority of the passengers wish gifts. When the flights landed, passengers waited for their luggage, but instead presents populated the baggage claim carousel along with a Santa appearance, Christmas cookies and snow.

WestJet practiced real-time giving and made a five-minute video, but while they were giving, the passengers, volunteers and all who heard about the Christmas Miracle video shared it. Published on December 8, 2013, by Christmas it had more than 13 million views, and currently has 36.5 million views on YouTube. WestJet’s goal, according to Richard Bartrem, vice president of communications and community relations, was 800,000 views. While Bartrem did not disclose how much it cost to create the video, he did admit that it was a “mere fraction” of what a company could typically spend on a similarly produced professional commercial, according to a Forbes interview.

WestJet has committed to creating fun-filled videos to publish, with varying degrees of success, but their Christmas Miracle far exceeded expectations. The Christmas Flash Mob video (video below), in which WestJet surprises passengers by taking over a few departure gates with an abundance of Christmas cheer, had about 800,000 views by Christmas in 2012, and now has more than 1.5 million.

Similar to those, WestJet has found that if they use humor, honesty and good will, they can rely on the community to share their videos, thus promoting their content and brand. Their April Fool’s videos “Furry Family” and “Kargo Kids”(video below)  also have a sense of humor and make WestJet a likeable brand.

Keep an eye out for what they do this year. It’s sure to make you get into the holiday spirit. I mean, who doesn’t like a Santa video that ends with “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good flight.”

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