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Content Marketing Campaign of the Week: Beardbrand’s Urban Beardsman

Now that we’ve covered the brilliant content marketing campaigns of McDonald’s Canada, Airbnb and Chipotle, things are about to get a little hairy – literally.

Beardbrand's Urban Beardsman Content Marketing CampaignWhat do you do when you have an awesome beard to share with the world, but need to keep it real? Beardbrand created the Urban Beardsman Magazine for just that purpose. As they say on the Lifestyle page of their blog, “While having a beard is a pretty epic thing; it’s not the only thing that matters in life. Throughout these pages you’ll find information about style, music, beard car, travel, and other things related to the bearded lifestyle.”

While the concept of the “bearded lifestyle” makes some people laugh, myself included even though I know people who travel to beard competitions, I can’t deny that Beardbrand has a good content marketing plan. They sell beard oil, mustache wax, combs, brushes, shaving soap, entire grooming kits and more. What’s interesting is that they’ve cornered the market in their niche of what they call the “Urban Beardsman” and developed content that speaks to their lifestyle. Here are some content marketing aspects that make Beardbrand noticeable:

Complete understanding of a persona. If this isn’t a great example of persona development, I’m not sure what is. From the variety of products in the niche – I’m not sure of the difference between Tree Ranger, Tea Tree and Spiced Citrus beard oil, but I’m sure bearded men do – to the topics of their videos, Beardbrand covers an inordinate amount of material about facial hair. Not only does the product surround the needs of bearded men, but they go deeper to provide content their audience is interested, including music, and travel among other topics.

Videos. The videos posted on Urban Beardsman Magazine speak to the mindset of a bearded person. These videos cover emotional dealings such as how to deal with the emotions of being forced to shave the beard, to styling tricks and general growth and maintenance concerns. Think of it as the male version to every female beauty product. And they’re the only ones with traction in this space, creating videos for potential customers. Here’s just one of their epic videos on how to remove “Beard Bed Head.”

Customer appreciation and involvement. Not only are many video topics directly suggested by customers and fans, there’s a dedicated page to Urban Beardsman profiles. This page is an entire testimonial showing actual customers and how they represent the bearded lifestyle. Each person highlighted becomes an automatic advocate of the product, and, if they’ve identified their persona correctly, word of mouth from these advocates is the best type of advertising Beardbrand could ask for.

While videos and customer profiles are great end-product content, the main reason this content marketing is successful is because the makers of Beardbrand knew their target persona well, and developed content that would relate to and entertain that persona. When you invest time, money and effort to content marketing, the least you can do is take time to develop a well thought out persona to speak to.

Do you have any favorite content marketing campaigns you think we should feature? Let us know in the comments section!

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