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Content Marketing Campaign of the Week: Birchbox

The BirchBox Blog and YouTube Channel

birchboxBirchbox is another subscription-based product service that’s making a name for itself without a brick and mortar store. What they provide is a monthly subscription for which customers receive beauty samples and products from different categories such as skincare, haircare, makeup and fragrance. They’ve also added a Birchbox for men that includes grooming products. If a customer likes a product in their Birchbox, they can purchase the regular size on the website. Subscriptions start at $10 per month and containing five products.

There are two reasons why Birchbox is winning with content marketing that both come down to having a great blog:

  1. They feature products they carry when doing how-to videos and posts that are useful. They are also prime search keywords for anyone looking for beauty advice.
  2. They provide other lifestyle content relevant to their audience that gives the brand a personality and shows they know their customers’ wants and needs.

For example, any cosmetics company can tell you their mascara is better than the others and list a myriad of product selling points, from waterproof to eco-friendly. Birchbox wrote a post about The Mascara that Will Replace Your Eyelash Curler that presents common lash problems and then tells you which product can fix it, how and why. It’s short, simple and easy to digest, with three common eyelash gripes and simple tricks using their product to fix them. Not only that, the models they used were staffers, giving the post a personal touch and letting you know who is behind the product.

On the Birchbox YouTube channel, they not only post the how to beauty videos and sneak peeks for the upcoming month’s subscription package; they feature a plethora of videos about health and fitness that align with their audience profile. They also partner with brands that share audiences and align with their industry. There’s a “Moves to Master” series done in partnership with Under Armour and DIY projects from MakersKit. Both of these brands and activities fit the profile of a Birchbox customer.

While the Birchbox blog has the typical beauty suggestions, product reviews and makeovers you would expect from a cosmetics company, they also add value for their customers by providing lifestyle advice and suggestions that are of importance to their audience. Another prime example of this was the Guilt-Free Oven-Baked French Fries blog post. This post matched will to their audience, and continued with the similar voice of a helpful friend recommending a recipe.

Overall, Birchbox consistently posts a variety of content that speaks directly to customers in a helpful friendly way. They use their products in a how-to setting and are not overly “salesy” which is one of the main reasons customers keep coming back to continue their subscriptions for a Birchbox and other beauty products.

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