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Content Marketing Campaign of the Week: Diamond Candles Ring Reveal


In general there is a misconception that to get more than a million followers or likes on Twitter or Facebook, you have to be a large brand. It’s somewhat easy to reach that goal if you’re Nike, Coca-Cola, Target or another household name. But what if you’re a start-up company in a commoditized industry? Diamond Candles literally put a ring IN it and upped the excitement surrounding their product to a fun purchase with their RINGREVEALTM garnering more than one million likes on Facebook. In the industry, that is second to the established Yankee Candle brand which has 1.3 million likes.

When you think of candles, they aren’t an item you typically make a priority on your shopping list (unless you’re a bachelor, have a lady-friend coming over and think, uh-oh, my apartment smells terrible). Candles are typically items you grab off the shelf because you think it smells nice and you have some spare cash or need a last-minute gift. Most people don’t have a candle brand preference. But Diamond Candles had a unique idea:  put a ring in every candle that could be worth up to $5000. Amazing idea, right? Yes, but only if it catches on.

This is a prime example of why companies need content marketing in today’s market. The goal of Diamond Candles has been to make home fragrance fun. For the first three years, all customers received rings in their candle worth $10-5000. Customers, by the hundreds, began posting photos to the Diamond Candles Facebook page, modeling the gorgeous rings they discovered in their Ring Candles. This was proof that Diamond Candles had a great idea, but saw an opportunity to take it one step further, because customers who won rings worth $100, $1000, or $5000 had to accept the style and size of the ring embedded in the candle.

Solution:  Diamond Candles introduced RINGREVEALTM enabling to record their candid reaction and share their experience about the product while mitigating the friction for customers that win a high value ring. Instead of a ring that might not fit, or a style they might not like, customers now get to select the ring they want after finding out if they won a ring worth $100, $1000, or $5000. The process, detailed on their home page, is:

  1. Discover the RINGREVEALTM code in your RINGCANDLETM
  2. Enter the code in the system
  3. Record your reaction
  4. Reveal your win
  5. Select your ring if you’re a winner

Sample code (what’s in the candle along with a $10 ring):

One of the perks of RINGREVEAL™ is that customers have the option to record their reactions when they find out if their code is a winner of a $100, $1,000 or $5,000 ring (if not a winner you get to keep the $10 ring that was in your candle. Not only is the anticipation fun, afterward they can share this with friends and family. It’s also some of the best content marketing you can get:  created by customers. Of course Diamond Candle uses these videos on their site in the Ring Reveal Reaction Gallery logging more than 400,000 video views in their three months since launch. Overall, word-of-mouth, including via social media, is the most trusted type of promotion a company can get from its customers

What was the result?  Since they introduced RINGREVEALTM, Diamond Candles has seen an additional 1 million site impressions in just three months, not to mention the increased awareness and sharing on social media networks.

A change in the process isn’t the only reason they’ve succeeded. Diamond Candles started sharing customer stories, reactions and photos. One change gave them authentic customer stories, personal connections, great visual content and it was all creative – all critical aspects in content marketing.

“By prioritizing content generation,” said Paul Davis, brand manager of Diamond Candles, “we were able to add a new customer acquisition and retention channel that will add value for years to come.” Instead of a ho-hum candle that smelled good, you get to talk about how you got a ring. Even if it’s only a $10 ring, it’s FUN. Are you going to remember the experience? Yes!

In addition to this, Diamond Candles also has vivid images and concentrates their content marketing efforts on Instagram and Pinterest. On Pinterest they feature boards not only about their rings and candles, but anything you can imagine that involves candles – holidays, weddings, decorating and even living green because their product is all natural. It’s the all-around consistent focus on fun and contributing to a unique customer experience that has increased the brand awareness as well as their bottom line. Yankee Candle better watch out – I’m going to expect a ring in my candles from now on!




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