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Content Marketing Campaign of the Week: General Electric

Number 7 in our series of Content Marketing Campaigns of the Week is the one and only General Electric.

General Electric used to be the number one name in appliances, at the same level as Maytag/Whirlpool. Instead of going by the wayside like the latter, GE decided to rebrand themselves as more than an appliance company. Their Imagination at Work slogan, established in 2003, holds true to their current content marketing campaign, which revolves around being an innovative and competitive science and technology leader.

In the past year, GE has created content to exemplify that mantra, with customer-centric marketing campaigns that focus on innovation and science. These campaigns were also noted by the Digiday Content Marketing Awards in May when GE took home Best In Show. Most notably it was acclaimed for great storytelling through visual means. Pair that with the timing of many STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) education initiatives, and you have powerful and meaningful content with lots of support.

Here are a few General Electric content marketing pieces that have increased their social media presence and favorability.

#6SecondScience Fair (Vine) and #GravityDay

The final product for #6Second Science Fair and #GravityDay are five-minute videos with about 50 Vine videos streamed together.

This is the epitome of many marketers’ dreams. If only it were as easily done as following a few simple steps:

  1. Publicize a challenge to your followers, fans and clients asking them how much science you can fit into 6 seconds or directing them to use an apple.
  2. Get them to create Vine videos and share them on Twitter with a specific hashtag
  3. Put together a short compilation of the videos for even more shareability

I’m not saying that GE had a hard time with a call to action and getting a response – it’s a major brand with an extensive reach of loyal customers. But the engagement factor is off the chart. In one week they got more than 1,000 submissions for #GravityDay. And not only did they get some really cool/funny submissions, the science fair association is recognizable to all age groups, genders and socioeconomic backgrounds. Though I’m guessing most people who submitted their Vine loved science fair day in school.

Hey Girl and Badass Machines (Instagram)

The Hey Girl campaign from Valentine’s Day focused on corny lines that Thomas Edison might say. Yes, GE went there, and people loved it. Follower Miriam Langsam posted, “Dear GE, I am obsessed with your social but this takes the cake.”  Customer engagement is critical in measuring content marketing success. Not only did this person comment, but shared several other pins as well.


In a more informative board, the Badass Machines board gives interesting facts, statistics and other tidbits about machines produced by GE. A common misconception is that GE supplies only household appliances. This board showcases a variety of products GE creates. I had no idea they produced locomotives or that their interior contains 6.7 miles of wiring. And all the images used in these pins are visually stimulating.

#PiDay (Twitter)

Anybody who celebrates pie day (more than 50,000 #PiDay tweets proves it’s quite a celebration!) is a potential fan of GE in the sense they want to appeal to science and technology fans. What better way to garner attention and fanfare than by giving out 314 pies at 1:59pm on Pi Day? Director of Global Digital Marketing & Programming for GE, Paul Marcum said that the program was to get people’s inner-geek thinking. I think the inner-geeks liked the program.

Although General Electric is now technically under the Electrolux umbrella, their content marketing efforts have defined the brand as more customer friendly, and created positive brand recognition. Hopefully Electrolux will keep the marketing geniuses at GE going to create more entertaining and informative content.

Do you have any favorite content marketing campaigns you think we should feature? Let us know in the comments section!

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