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Content Marketing Campaign of the Week: Lyft

The ridesharing trend has skyrocketed in the past couple years in the United States. Specifically, Lyft has taken the streets by pink moustache and impressed marketers with their content marketing, earning them this week’s Content Marketing Campaign of the week. While slightly older rival Uber has more social media followers, Lyft outshines its main competitor for one simple reason:  memorable storytelling.

From its home page to the blog, Lyft focuses on people. It only makes sense considering the prime resource and the customer are both people, and each person has a story. Lyft has capitalized on the value of human interactions between drivers and passengers by posting funny and sentimental stories on their blog, and then sharing those stories and more via social media.

The Passengers

People use Lyft for a variety of reasons:  a ride to the airport, a safe way home, Lyft Line is even beginning in some cities as a commuting rideshare program. But we all know there are plenty more unique reasons, and Lyft loves to share them. The weirder, the better – their logo is a pink moustache, would you expect anything else? Here is one favorite:


The Best Man:  Photographer Marwan was on his way home from a shoot when he spontaneously decided to flip into driver mode. Turns out his passengers were headed to City Hall to get married. When he found out the happy couple didn’t have a photographer, Marwan offered to document their day for free. “They even made me best man!”

The other reason people have embraced getting in a stranger’s car for a ride is because they make it easy. Download an app, see how far away a driver is, wait a couple minutes, pay using your app. There’s no cash or payment exchange during the ride. You don’t even have to make a phone call, and now the app allows you to split payments. You also rate your driver, which in turn serves the purpose to help passengers everywhere decide if they want to use that same driver.

The Drivers

And what about Lyft drivers? According the Lyft blog, 34% of drivers in Los Angeles identify as entrepreneurs. The flexibility and ease has allowed drivers to pursue hobbies or support themselves through school. Meanwhile, other drivers hold jobs as diverse as the cities they drive in. When Portland passed a bill that allowed the ridesharing app in April 2015, they profiled several new drivers with different backgrounds and jobs:  registered nurse, Shaman, pastry chef and roller derby player.

Drivers are also more casual and friendlier than typical cab drivers, according to a poll. They have a sense of humor and take it as part of their job to be fun. One driver even hands passengers the auxiliary cord to play DJ for the duration of the ride.


Lyft drivers are also encouraged to participate in different Lyft programs. What started as an eco-friendly idea has exploded into a movement with entrepreneurs and community service. Lyft for Good was “inspired by the countless Lyft drivers who’ve taken initiative to give back to their own communities…Lyft for Good program works with nonprofits and our driver community to create a positive social impact, one ride at a time.” Many of these drivers are recognized for their service, such as Ben who volunteers with Little Brothers program in San Francisco. Some lead to partnerships with community organizations and programs.

Perhaps it’s not only the content marketing coming from the company that works so well for Lyft, but that whether you’re a driver or passenger, Lyft is getting lots of stories from diverse people who are genuinely enjoying the service.


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