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Content Marketing Campaign of the Week: McDonald’s Canada “Our Food, Your Questions”

In an attempt to bring to light what different companies in diverse industries are creating for their content marketing, I’m starting the ASPE-ROI Content Marketing Campaign of the Week to highlight different stories, creative ideas and successes. With these stories, I hope our readers will be able to gain knowledge about how companies, big or small, are making their name in content marketing, and hopefully inspire some of your own ideas for content marketing within your organization.

As the first in many posts, I chose this behemoth that has been around for a couple years, but has seen success in many countries since. Yes, McDonald’s has what many marketers would consider an exorbitant budget for marketing, using their dollars in a diverse array of spending. However, their “Our Food, Your Questions” campaign has introduced a new era of fast food communication. Most large fast food chains have employees on staff to review and respond to social media channels, but this campaign went further. McDonald’s Canada dedicated a separate site purely for customers to ask their questions.

McDonald's Canada Content Marketing Campaign

Considering the social sharing about Big Macs, Chicken McNuggets, and who could ignore the McRib, this integrated social communication with answers from the source itself is brilliant. Instead of trying to follow every stream 24/7, responding to any mentions they could find, McDonald’s Canada opened a stream for customer questions. And why not go directly to the source? They’ve also promoted this with offline campaigns through TV, radio, print and outdoor advertising to drive awareness. Content galore!

Examples of some of the questions include “What are legitimately in McNuggets, is there pink goop?” in which a supply chain manager shares a video tour with viewers of McNugget-making process at the Cargill factory in Canada.

Another questions received was “What efforts has McDonalds made to reduce water use and the company’s water footprint in the food supply chain?” This question, like many others, has a thoughtful textual response with a detailed explanation about how McDonald’s rates their environmental impact.

Thanks for your interest in our process, Vanessa. Water conservation is important to us. As part of our efforts, we use an Environmental Scorecard (developed in conjunction with Conservation International), that our suppliers are required to fill out annually. This initiative has resulted in significant water reductions to our supply chain. We’ve recently presented our main produce supplier with our inaugural Supplier Sustainability Award, largely because of the significant reduction in water use they’ve achieved. We’ve been very supportive of the efforts of Coca-Cola, a key supplier of ours, who has made water conservation one of their primary areas of focus. We track water use as a total and by individual commodity. Most of the water used by our restaurants is for personal sanitation, cleaning and, in some cases, landscape maintenance. Automatic water taps have been installed at all our restaurants, as well as auto-flush toilets and urinals to keep water use to a minimum. We hope this answers your question.

Not only is McDonald’s interacting with customers and getting engagement (that lovely word marketers desire more than anything else, except revenue, sometimes), they are constantly creating content with videos, documentation and writing. And while the answers live on this dedicated website, all of the answers can be reproduced in a variety of formats and distributed via most major media channels.

Customers are now accustomed to searching for multiple sources for answers, and McDonald’s wanted to be part of that conversation. With tens-of-thousands of questions asked, millions more read, and who knows how many shares on Facebook and Twitter, you can’t ask for much more engagement than that. And at the same time, McDonald’s has been transparent. Their authenticity is not only appeasing customers who want to know more about their food and satisfy curiosity, McDonald’s is also creating boatloads of content at a very fast pace.

Cheesy wrap-up:  I’m Lovin’ It.

Do you have any favorite content marketing campaigns you think we should feature? Let us know in the comments section!

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