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Content Marketing Campaign of the Week: Net-A-Porter’s Magazine “Porter”

Next up in our epic list of content marketing geniuses is Net-A-Porter.

Unlike most retailers who have cut back on their monthly, semi-annual or annual catalogs of merchandise, online fashion retail empire Net-A-Porter has done the exact opposite. Their 284-page, bi-monthly glossy magazine Porter debuted in February with 400,000 copies in 60 countries. With it, they are creating a new way to communicate with their customers

Other publications, brands and companies have tried to incorporate digital shopping and interaction before, but Porter is different. One of its core features is that it’s specifically designed with digital interactivity, not the other way around. While having a similar feel to better-known Vogue and Glamour (it was created by former Condé Nast Creative Director Robin Derrick), its pages are functional and scannable with the Net-A-Porter mobile app.

This goes to prove that content marketing does not have to be purely in the digital sphere, though it does need to weave into the overall interactive marketing approach. When Net-A-Porter conducted some market research, they found that the majority of their customers who purchase exclusively online still purchase or have subscriptions to fashion magazines. Women into fashion may have decreased their magazine purchases, but getting their fashion bible on a regular basis is still a requirement for them.

With this knowledge, Porter was designed to give consumers an additional medium in which to shop. Once a reader scans a page of the magazine with the app, it takes them to a layer for the magazine within the app. Then there are options to view and buy products, visit a brand’s website, view additional video content and more. Not only does this apply to spreads containing products, but also in editorials and articles in the magazine. It is a seamless transition from magazine page to product or desired site without the extra step of having to search for the desired target.

Net-A-Porter's content marketing campaign


Staying true to the expectations of a “fashion bible,” Porter also contains its fair share of advertisements which link directly to the brands’ websites, not a specific product, for now. However, the trend of brands becoming partners to and starting their own publications is increasing, and they are taking charge of producing content. Clothing brand H&M and Bacardi are the “brand partners” of The Debrief, another magazine launched earlier this year aimed toward young female audiences. However The Debrief is more of a lifestyle magazine than fashion focused. Coca-Cola, Dell and Adobe also have entire publishing sites.

Why are we seeing this trend? Content marketing and the need to move away from traditional advertising. Customers want more from their favorite brands, and brands are continually putting out content to appease that demand and compete with rivals. People don’t want to see ads on TV (and thanks to DVR don’t have to). They want to see information on their own time and make their own judgments about those companies. The real challenge:  making sure your company is in their mind when they decide to buy.

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